'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Melissa Gorga & Amber Marchese's Friendship Is Destroyed Before It Was Ever Rekindled

melissa gorgaWow, Jim Marchese! What a talent this man has! He can make a room full of buffoons at a "first responder party" look like upstanding members of society at a state dinner. Sunday's RHONJ picked up smack-dab where last week's left off -- in the midst of the argument between Jim and Joe Gorga (you know, when Jim called Joe a "dumb f*ck"?) -- and although things thankfully didn't get physical, my god was it awful.

After Jim walked out of the party with Amber, Joe Gorga went after him, as, you know, he was just aggressively called a "dumb f*ck" by a borderline stranger. Joe simply wanted an apology from Jim, which he refused to do. Instead, he told Joe that he was spitting in his face and needed to learn about personal space -- something Jim himself had violated not five minutes prior. Joe wisely backed off, as Jim made it clear that he has tight ties with the attorney general and would love nothing more than to flex his legal muscles and sue anybody for any reason. 

Then things got more awkward! The Marcheses went back into the house to get their keys and wound up having a talk with Teresa Giudice, Dina Manzo, and Melissa Gorga. Jim was BEYOND condescending to the women, asking them why no one at the party "had an IQ over 12." It was a terrible, completely immature way to handle an already bad situation. To be honest, Amber had the right idea when she initially asked Teresa to run in the house to grab her keys so she and Jim didn't have to go back inside. Dina summed up Jim's behavior that night best when she said, "The magnitude of his douchebagery can clean a whale's vagina."

Then of course we had the inevitable fight that's been brewing between Melissa and Amber. In the last three minutes of the show, the girls had lunch together, and, to put it mildly, it did not go well. Amber confronted Melissa about why she went and told Nicole Napolitano something she said about her in confidence, and Melissa played the whole "she has a right to know" card. In all honesty, I can see both sides here, but if Melissa is going to immediately go run and tell someone something someone else said about them, she should at least have some conviction and stand by her decision. Her whole "we should all sit down and talk" argument is pretty weak.

So, yeah. As suspected, Amber and Melissa are already enemies and it doesn't look like Amber will ever be friends with the twins again either. Maybe they'll all sit down together and talk, maybe they won't. But I've got a pretty strong feeling that, whatever they choose to do, it won't make much of a difference. These friendships seem irreparable at this point.

Whose side are you on: Melissa's or Amber's?


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nonmember avatar AKP

Although I agree that Jim is a douchebag, I took his aggressiveness toward Joey Gorga as being misdirected anger. He meant it toward all of the men, particularly the ones who did not understand WHY he didn't want to attend the guys night out. When he tried to explain it to the women they didn't seem to get it. Then again, do any of them have careers or understand a conflict of interest? I'm not sure that they did. Then again, everyone on the show plays things up for the cameras. Jim and Amber are new this season as well as the twins. They are all trying to seal their deals w/Bravo and get renewed for next season. If you're boring, you won't get renewed. Period. Amber is a liar and that was captured on film. Melissa's not my favorite but she has been consistent.

nonmember avatar Deb

Ironic.... Jim didn't want to hang out with Gorga and Guidice due to past fights.... But yet he is okay with starting the aggression towards them.

Amber crying that's she is so upset because she spoke on National tv with malicious gossip about Nicole of course is all Melissa's fault... Poor Melissa! Then her wonderful SIL throws her under the bus again at the spa with Dina and Amber..

nonmember avatar Susan

You have some great ideas for how the various parties should have handled the situation. Perhaps you should forward them to the writers so that they can incorporate them into the script for future episodes.

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