Taylor Swift Has a New Roommate & They Are Inseparable

It can get lonely being a super-famous 24-year-old girl living in a huge Beverly Hills mansion all by yourself. Or, uh, so I'm guessing.

Taylor Swift seems to think so, because she has just made the biggest commitment a young woman can -- she has asked someone she loves to move in with her!

Is she back with Joe Jonas? John Mayer? Taylor Lautner?? No, no, and NO. The country/pop singer is doing something WAY better -- she has asked her newest BFF, model Karlie Kloss, to shack up with her because she is "lonely."

All you have to do is open up any gossip mag and you'll find photos of the blonde duo shopping together, going to the gym together, road trip-ing together, perfecting the art of creating the perfect cosmetic cat's eye together, etc. After being attached at the hip to former BFF Selena Gomez and then falling out with her, Karlie has become Taylor's best bud and everyone who knows them is saying they are "inseparable."

So, naturally, the next step was for them to become roommates. And I have to say, good for them! Far too many young women make romantic relationships the center of their universes and, as a result, sometimes jump too quickly into living with them before they are ready. Taylor is doing a smart thing here: she's young, still out to have fun, and is truly enjoying her life as a single girl with interesting female friends. 

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I truly feel that everyone should live with a roommate or by themselves for a little bit before settling down. And this move is going to do wonders for her Instagram photos -- how long before we see a midnight photo shoot with Taylor, Karlie, her cat, and a plate of S'more's?

Have you ever lived with friends? Was it a positive experience?


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nonmember avatar dude

I read the BS story in London Daily Mail. Total lie and you put your spin on the lie. The original story claims Karlie moved into Taylors sprawling Beverly Hills Estate a few wees ago. 1st Taylor has a very modest cottage in BH..2nd this weekend is the first time in months she is in LA, its for the teen choice awards and she is back in NYC on Monday. 3rd Karlie has a place in NYC and her boyfriend Josh Kushner also lives in Manhattan. Kushner is a Harvard educated wealthy investor. Also there a photos of Kushner & Kloss on Vacation in Europe When the Daily Mail claims she had moved in with Taylor. Yes they're good friends who hang out a lot but evey photo of them is from NYC. The original story has so many inconsistencies its Laughable. In fact the site you base your fan fiction story on has photos of Taylor in NYC with and without Karlie during the time they were supposedly living together in California. You're whole story is based on easily verifiable facts. DO SOME FACT CHECKING before you write Lies.

nonmember avatar merideth

You read to much gossip. Selena and Taylor were together last night in LA. no falling out between the two. Want proof, check Selena Instagram account. Not one shred of proof Karlie and Taylor have moved in together. Taylor has 4 homes which one did she move into. Karlie has a NYC apartment and her various business ventures are based out of Manhattan and she has a boyfriend in NYC. Your whole story is based on lies that are easy to verify....at best this is a perverts fan fiction geared towards creeps who fantasize that Taylor and Karlie are lovers. And Lisa being a woman you should be ASHAMED for this creepy story that you disguised as advise on friendship. VERY SAD YOU CREEPY WOMAN.

nonmember avatar Trist

You Swift fans are psychos. If Karlie is living in Taylor's Beverly Hills home, and Taylor is there too, then they're living together, and the article is correct. It could be a short term thing. It could be a long term thing. Taylor could have easily said that when Karlie is in L.A., she can stay at Taylor's place. Which again, would make the article correct.

You're jumping all over the author of this article for "not knowing the facts", but guess what, YOU DON'T KNOW THE FACTS EITHER. Quit assuming you do, it makes YOU look creepy.

Torra... TorranceMom

I lived with my best girlfriends in the dorms while we were undergrads and for about a year in grad school.  Best time of my life EVER . . .

nonmember avatar kik

Lol at people saying karlie has a place in NYC too, so does Taylor, Taylor also has a place in LA. Karlie has been in LA recently and will be for a while for work so it's no surprise if Taylor is letting her use her place.

nonmember avatar Me

I loved living with my very best girlfriend and a guy roomie too....we had some great parties...the good ole days...I love Taylor Swift,she's a sweetie.

Runmu... RunmumRun

hey who gives a damn ...

nonmember avatar truth

What are you going to do when Taylor & Karlie lawyers threaten a law suit for this lie. The Daily Mail who started this untrue gossip was was contacted about this lie. Guess what? Fearing big $ Law suit the story was taken down.You may think you wrote a harmless story about roommates and friendship but now the gossips are hinting they are gay. Taylor's new publicist is actively going after unproven "source " gossip with facts that prove the gossip is false. Taylor has deep pockets and she is now going to fight the lies

nonmember avatar truth

Harpers Bazaar just pulled the article about this BS gossip that they are living together. I hope you can afford to fight her when they come for you for being a parrot and basing a story on a lie.

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