Kendra Wilkinson Wears T-Shirt That Makes Us Believe Divorce Is Imminent (PHOTO)

kendra wilkinsonJust because Kendra Wilkinson was hanging out with Robin Thicke doesn't mean she's definitely getting divorced. Though it has made us wonder. But there have been some developments today that has us adding everything up and thinking this is really happening -- it may really be over. Kendra's husband, Hank Baskett, and father of her two kids is rumored to have had an affair with a transsexual model. Some marriages can survive a cheating scandal. In this case, the entire world knows -- or really, anyone into celebrity news would know. That must make it even harder.

You see, what ends up happening when people find out you are having marriage issues is they say these words to you: "I'm so sorry." Before long, you feel like everyone feels sorry for you and it kind of makes you start to feel really sorry for yourself. But Kendra went a put on a t-shirt that makes me think she's responding to those people, and making a huge yet subtle announcement regarding divorce.

kendra wilkinson i'm not sorry shirt

The shirt says "I'm not sorry." Wow. Doesn't it seem like this is her response to all the people (most likely) saying they are so sorry to her? Could this mean that she's not sorry that divorce is imminent -- that she's ready to move on and that she feels confident that she is going to okay, that no one should feel sorry for her. If this is so, I'm proud of Kendra for having that confidence, for knowing that she will get through this, that she isn't someone to feel sorry for, that maybe in the end, after all, she will be empowered, and left the marriage having learned a whole lot.

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Sometimes you have to only see the positive things to get through a hard time.

Insiders have said that Kendra has met with a divorce lawyer and she's thinking things over carefully. No matter what she decides, it seems evident that she's facing this whole thing with bravery.

Do you think Kendra is trying to send a message by wearing this shirt? Have you also experienced people saying "I'm sorry" to you when going through a marriage issue? How did it make you feel?


Images via Kendra Wilkinson/Instagram; Splash

kendra wilkinson


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nonmember avatar sarah

a new reality show is imminent

nonmember avatar Ashley

It probably means she's not sorry that she was unfaithful after finding out about his infidelity. I'd bet she went out and had some fun after his alleged betrayal. I hope she leaves him and takes it all $$$

nonmember avatar Me

Do we care?She's a low class idiot who lived with Hugh Hefner,took her clothes off to the world,so creepy dudes could you know what to her pic......I find her gross.

needa... needadvice1983

Wow you writers sure can make something out of nothing. It's just a shirt.

nonmember avatar tramirez

it's just a freaking shirt ihave the same one does it mean I'm having marriage issues when i wear it ?????? lol i get that it is your job to write about this kind of shit but its people like you that make more out of stuff like this then it really is .....

Kathleen Hanson

I could swear I've seen her wear that shirt before.


Sara McCullogh Johnson

Your writing is AWFUL!! if you're going to write a blog for a popular website, please, PLEASE use correct grammar and spelling. And above all, proofread!!!

shann... shannipoo714

it's a line from Cheech and Chong's "Next Movie" Pee Wee Herman said it

gina_... gina_mommy_2_b

proofreading would be beneficial. #justsayin

kayba... kaybayblee3

I read another article that said that the shirt was supposed to be for Breastfeeding month or something.

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