Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Meryl Davis Are Back Together! (PHOTO)

maks meryl davisDeep within our fantasies lies the thought that Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis are a couple -- together forever, happily ever after. Their chemistry could cure the world's diseases and end war. But sadly, the dancing partners have been separated by time, space, and all the other things that goes on in their respective lives. We'd like to think they send flirty texts. Messages of "I love you" and "I can't wait to see you again."

Well, it's happened. It's really happened.

They have reunited, and it clearly feels so good even though Maks is wearing some kind of weird smirky smile on his face. Perhaps it was the sun. Glowing so darn bright because it was like the universe smiling at them because they were together. Meryl is wearing sunglasses giving proof to this theory.

Maks put this photo up with the caption: "Got to see this one! Finally! Thanks for breakfast @meryledavis."

I know what you're thinking ... breakfast. Breakfast? Did they spend the night and wake up early, eat some delicious pancakes and eggs and then take this love selife? We'll never know. Though Meryl added to our curiosities by reposting the photo, writing: "Missed this one." 

"This one" was used in both their writings. What could it mean? I'm biting my lip thinking about it. No matter what it means, it should bring a smile to your face to see them back together ... even if it was only for (ahem) "breakfast."

What do you think? Lovers or just friends?


Image via maksimc/Instagram

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nonmember avatar KayleE

...and all is right with the universe! :D

Marianb Gerula

Maks referred to Meryl while on DWTS as "this one". I think Meryl was doing a Maks when she answered Maks' tweet.

Liza Moreno

They are friends and llovers! Love them together!

Carol Whitley

He could do much much better in the looks dept.

Silvia Coletto

Not that deep within my fantasies lies the certainty that this is true love, and I will never stop rooting for their happily ever after

Joyce Wilkins

Hopefully this will work for them.  And to Carol Whitley - there is nothing wrong with Meryl's looks.

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