Beyonce Makes 'Statement' Regarding Those Divorce Rumors (PHOTO)

beyonceThere are rumblings that Beyonce and Jay Z are having some issues with their marriage. I personally refuse to believe these divorce rumors are so. Even Jay Z's supposed mistress is saying nothing happened in her song Sorry Mrs. Carter. (Say what?!)

But there is so much gossip about Jayonce and their love that even the most devout lovers of the Jay and Bey love are questioning everything. Beyonce has come to the rescue! She's helping us see the truth behind it all. She's taken to Instagram to make a "statement" -- one you must see to understand.

Thank you, Bey! Mrs. Carter is making it very clear whose team she is on. Jay's real name is Shawn Corey Carter in case you forgot. And her husband's jersey sure looks good on her. See? No trouble in paradise. The two are still crazy in love, and maybe even drunk in love right this very minute. Meow!

I don't care if they have been looking for new places to live without the other one, or that they have stayed in separate cities. These are working parents we're talking about. They have responsibilities and work things to do that sometimes prevents them from being on top of each other every second. Case (I hope) closed.

Do you think Bey and Jay are still crazy in love? Do you think this photo was Beyonce's statement to confirm that?


Image via Beyonce/Instagram


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grnsm... grnsmomma

That doesn't confirm anything. I'm not a fan or hater of either so I don't keep much track but this is either really sad for them or a huge play on the fans for publicity. Considering how they have been super private people until recently..But how do you explain them staying at different hotels now and arriving at different times to the shows, or the multiple lawyers that are now suddenly with them? Sketchy if they are doing so well.

This picture would be cute as a pregnancy announcement.

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