Kim Kardashian Does the Most 'Selfish' Thing Ever

When you think of a coffee table book, you think of a book full of great works of art, or beautiful furniture, or perhaps Ming dynasty ceramic vases. Or then there's the coffee table book full of pictures of Kim Kardashian's face. Maybe you'd put that in your bathroom for times you think you'll be awhile. Anyway, this book isn't a joke -- there is actually a hardcover 352-page book coming out of Kim's Instagram selfies. And the book is called "Selfish." Oh, that Kim Kardashian. At least she knows what she's about.


The book, published by Rizzoli Universe and hitting stores in spring 2015, might explain why Kim is so obsessed with taking pictures of herself, and why she told her mom while on vacation in Thailand that she wanted to take 1,200 selfies. Perhaps she already had the book deal.

While this isn't the kind of thing I'd expect to see reviewed in The New York Times (though the way things are going, you never know), it's kind of an ingenius idea. Despite the fact that people can view these same selfies online for free, I'm sure some suckers will shell out for the hardcover version. I mean, look how many people bought Fifty Shades of Grey.

If Kim is super smart (and she is in some ways) then she would write little inspirational quotes or some such thing next to the selfie. Something like, "Here I couldn't decide whether to show my ass or boobs. So I tried to do both. I think I succeeded. Never give up!"

I can see the chapters now: "Chapter One: Duck Face. Chapter Two: Duck Face." Okay, so you don't buy this book for variety.

I could actually see this becoming a total thing. Khloe could be next. Miley Cyrus. Amanda Bynes was going good there for awhile before she got in the psych ward.

Oh, and book title, Kim? Perfecto. Selfish. Love it. So straightforward. So modern. So totally 100 percent absolutely true.

Would you buy Kim's book?


Images via KimKardashian/Instagram and Rizzoli Universe

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