Kim Kardashian's Dad Gave Her the 'Best Gift' When She Was a Teen

Kim Kardashian is the kind of woman whom you imagine got everything she wanted when she was a little girl. When I picture her Sweet Sixteen bash, I have visions of a red Ferrari being presented to her at the end of the night with a big bow on it -- and then I bet she probably whined to Kourtney in private, stomping her feet and crying about how it wasn't hot pink.

But North's mommy recently revealed that the "best gift" she ever received as a teenager wasn't a fast car or oodles of cash. Her late dad, Robert, took it upon himself to give his daughters -- Kourtney got the same treat -- a Christmas present that would ensure they both become the fairest ladies in the land.

And, no, it wasn't plastic surgery.

The eldest Kardashian sisters were treated to makeup lessons, courtesy of dear dad. Kim says her father's logic was that if his little girls were going to experiment with makeup, they might as well learn how to wear it so that they don't look "crazy."

Allow me to translate: no daughter of mine is going to be seen looking like a clown. And don't even think of wearing electric-blue eyeshadow.

Kim is obviously very grateful for this gift, and, whatever you think of her bold eye/light lip look, you have to admit her makeup tricks have inspired scores of women to follow her lead. There are countless YouTube makeup tutorials out there created to teach girls how to get "Kardashian eyes." I'm sure the girls can afford to have their makeup done by professionals on a daily basis, but given the number of selfies Kim takes, I have to assume she does her own makeup at least a few days a week.

Kim says her baby girl is obsessed with watching mom have her hair and makeup done and that she wouldn't hesitate to give North the gift of makeup lessons when she's older.

At first I thought it was odd that Kim's dad bought her makeup lessons, but only because my own dad wouldn't know a tube of mascara from a tube of toothpaste. But you kind of expect the head of the Kardashian clan to be hip to beauty routines, since image is so important in their family.

Do you think it's weird that Kim's dad got her makeup lessons as a teenager?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram



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Paws84 Paws84

Hmmm that's funny because she never does her own makeup. She's even said herself that she has a team come in everyday to do her makeup and hair and wipe her ass.

nonmember avatar Katie

Kim's makeup " tricks" make her look like she she spends her time on the streets turning them.

nacho... nachoqtpie

It's a good idea tho! Not sure where I would find someone to teach my daughter to do her makeup tho.

Fortu... FortuitousWife

I think it's beyond sad that the "best gift" KK got from her dearly departed daddy was so superficial. Makeup lessons, seriously? That the "best"?

MrsAl... MrsAlexis1230

I agree with fortuitous wife that's the greatest wisdom she received from her late father! So shallow! Kim Kardashian is just a hoe! Straight up! Along with the rest of them!

grnsm... grnsmomma

Why would that be weird especially since Kris is her mother? Maybe he wanted to spare Kim learning from her!

hisBo... hisBonus2

...gave her the best thing...a new pole...  haha   dont read, too disgusting for words, and that thing she calls a spouse or we he is. Only a matter of time, before he steals the baby, runs off, and writes an ugly ass song about it.. oops!!

Torra... TorranceMom

Useful? Absolutely! Sentimental? Nope!

nonmember avatar JoAnn

He should have given her a swift kick in the ass and a chastity belt.

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