Amal Alamuddin Is Right to Be Worried About 1 Thing Marrying George Clooney

Amal AlamuddinTalk about a whirlwind romance! It seems as though we just heard the news that perpetual bachelor George Clooney decided to put a ring on it and settle down with the insanely beautiful and wicked smart Amal Alamuddin, and now they're already prepping for their nuptials.

On Thursday, the couple obtained their certificate of no impediment from U.K. authorities. According to British law, couple must post a notice of intent to marry for 21 days, during which "objections could be made if the future bride or groom were already married, too young or related to their potential spouse."


Amal posted the intent herself just over three weeks ago at the Chelsea Town Hall in London, and much to the chagrin of the ladies in the office, George was not in attendance. Since he isn't a U.K. citizen, his presence was not required.

Sources say that Amal was "happy" during her half hour appointment, but she did have one big concern. A source said she expressed concern to the registrar "about the press finding out the date of the wedding..."

Thankfully, no wedding date was required to be displayed, so it's still hush-hush, although it could be much sooner than any of us realize. Now that their 21-day waiting period in Britain is up, there are only some minor arrangements to be made for the (rumored) Italian ceremony.

Those include getting documents legalized and translated, and according to one source who dished to E! News, that involves very little time. We're talking two, three days max. Please excuse me, but I have to go check my mailbox for an invitation.

Do you think the Alamuddin-Clooney wedding is just around the corner?


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