Why Nick Viall Is the Obvious 'Bachelor' Frontrunner​

nick viall twitter tuxWhen After the Final Rose left Bachelor Nation as clueless about the next Bachelor as ever, we figured we'd hear a peep about it soon thereafter. Well, it's been almost two weeks now, and there's still no word. Looks like fans who figured Iowa farmer Chris Soules had it in the bag -- or even those who assumed Bachelorette season eight's Arie Luyendyk Jr. snagged the gig -- could be seriously mistaken ...

As it turns out, a source close to the series recently revealed to Us that producers are strongly considering Nick Viall to be the next Bachelor. OMG. Yup, even after throwing Andi Dorfman completely under the bus by revealing what happened in the Fantasy Suite during ATFR and after acting like a creepy stalker, Andi's Midwestern ex may be the next man to have his pick of 25 eligible bachelorettes. Whaaat?!

Sure, there are plenty of people who were on Team Nick, and even haters may be curious to watch him on the next season. So I guess I can understand why he's in the running.

That, in fact, is what the insider claims to have heard from the folks calling the shots over at ABC. "Viewers are interested in what he has to say," the source notes.

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Perhaps producers realize that a season filled with sweetiepie, lost boy band member Chris Soules would be, well, a total snoozefest. And Arie is old news. So, that leaves Nick, who whether you like 'im or not, sure has a LOT of buzz working in his favor! And won't that fuel jaw-dropping ratings? Really, the more you think about it, the more obvious it seems to be: Nick may really be a shoo-in!

How would you feel about Nick as the next Bachelor?


Image via Nick Viall/Twitter

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Chris... Christinanass

Perfect choice. Arie is already forgotten by most viewers.

nonmember avatar DiDi

Dear God, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Most of the time, Nick's expressions were that of a SERIAL KILLER. WTF are you thinking Bachelor producers? Whatever you do, DO NOT pick Nick for the next Bachelor. Your viewership will decrease dramatically. He's too much of a risk, the bad kind!!!

nonmember avatar lisa

NOOOOOOOOOO He is creepy, self centered, a cry baby, a stalker and not all there. He had no right wing so confident and underestimating Andi's feelings for Josh. Also it takes 2 to have sex. He could have told her that he did not want to have sex with her until they were engaged. Does he want the world to believe that every woman he has had sex with he made a commitment to become engaged. Seriously. And lastly, there is always something to be said about the one guy that everyone in the house can't get along with. He stalked her, could not believe she actually turned him down and when she chose Josh showed total disrespect by trying to get her to reconsider her final choice. He was and is a creep. The show will lose MANY viewers.

Dianne P. Hilburn

No, no, no! He is very immature. He needs to grow up and realize he is not God's gift to women. He will wear his feelings on his shoulder the entire time. Please no!

Kathryn Gieraltowski-Dallaire

Will not watch if it is Nick. NOTHING about him is interesting and listening to him talk sends chills up my spine. So tongue tied!!

nonmember avatar Kim

NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!! I'm not watching if they pick Nick!

Teri Dawn Evans-Niezgocki

Not a good idea too have him. He is not mature enough to be with anyone let alone himself. If he is picked the woman will only be there not for him. But only for them selfs and to be on tv. Don't pick nick. Wrong one if you do.

nonmember avatar Tamra Onsare

NOOOO to NICK! He is creepy + a sleezy guy! YESSS to CHRIS!! Chris is the one who should be next Bachelor! If Nick is chosen, I and many others will not watch the next bachelor.

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