Kourtney Kardashian's Dress Is So Short It Almost Exposes Everything (PHOTO)


Kourtney Kardashian

Man. She's been totally on point these days as far as selecting the most gorgeous maternity outfits goes, but I think you'll agree that Kourtney Kardashian's blue dress is at least a good few inches too short.

Paired with a bold pair of gladiator sandals, it's clear that Kourt was going for a super trendy vibe with this particular look.

But honestly, it's tough to tell whether or not this is actually a dress or a shirt that she's attempting to pass off as a dress.

What the what?!?

Damn. The hem on that thing comes up so far that it's amazing her cha-cha isn't hanging out for the world to see.

(Sorry. There's really no polite way of putting it.)

I mean, I'm sure she was enjoying the breeze and all, but it must have been pretty difficult to sit down in this frock without flashing her lady bits to the masses.

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Seriously, is this supposed to be worn as a dress or is it one of those tops that you wear with leggings or something? Or maybe it's not a maternity frock and her baby bump is pulling up the hem a bit more than where it's supposed to be?

(Hmm. The things that keep me up at night.)

But whatever -- I guess we should note that aside from how short the dress is, her legs do look pretty amazing. If anyone can pull off this style, it's Kourt for sure.

Hey, at least she was smart enough to wear flats instead of heels for her little outing.

Do you think this dress is way too short?


Image via Splash News



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Nicol... NicoleMaria143

Its clearly a shirt. Joey is the classiest most reserved one of all. Really. She posted it herself too she wouldn't have done it has she known people would be so dumb. Maybe she did to get a laugh who knows. This site is so twisted. Some articles I like but most are just stupid enough to actually go through with unsubscribing from it/and unfollowing.

Leslie Legge

I think she looks amazing!!

Meliz... Melizzi1965

Yo' Kourt...Malachi called...he needs his hat back for 'Children of the Corn' reunion!

nonmember avatar Frostie

The shoes are ugly and the t-shirt/top/semi-dress doesn't help
her any.
The hat, outfit and shoes… yuck.

nonmember avatar Sherry

Kourtney may not realize how she looks since all the mirrors in the house are aimed at Kimye.

nonmember avatar destiny

I think you should mind ya buiness

Belkys-Jc Tirado

She's got flair!!!!!!! Let it be...don't hate!!!

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