Chelsea Houska's Rumored Love Triangle May Be 'Teen Mom's Biggest Scandal Ever​

Chelsea HouskaWe've been speculating that Chelsea Houska has a special someone in her life recently, but the Teen Mom 2 star has yet to confirm or deny such reports. Alas, Chelsea's boyfriend must remain a figment of our imagination for the time being ...

Or, if you believe everything you read in the tabloids, Chels might be dating her ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. Didja follow that? OK! magazine is reporting a rumor (from one of those unnamed sources) that Chelsea's mystery man is Andrew Anderson, who previously dated Taylor Halbur. Taylor Halbur is the baby mama of Adam Lind's second daughter Paislee, and Adam is the delinquent young man who fathered Chelsea's daughter Aubree.

Phew! I hope that clears things up.

Of course, Chelsea caught wind of the story and took to Twitter to blow the whole thing up.

Oh well then. We're just dying to know who Chelsea's supposed man is! Girlfriend could do us all a favor and just let us know if she's seeing someone and who that person is. What -- does she expect privacy in some areas of her life or something? OK fine. 

Of course it's entirely possible that there really isn't a man in Chelsea's life right now, and as much as we want her to find her happily ever after, she seems to be having a ball being the best mama she can be to Aubree and living each day as it comes.

Do you think Chelsea is keeping her man a mystery or living it up being single?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Shelia

Does it really matter if she is seeing someone I am sure she would like some things to be private so the question is would you want everyone to know how many people you slept with not saying she sleeps around but some things are meant to be PRIVATE people

Joyfu... JoyfulMommy5

Why is everything on cafemom about teen mom stars? Get a life....

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