Kim Kardashian's Weight Gain Obsession Might Be a Total Cover-Up

Kim Kardashian

The little rant she went on the other day about how badly she needs to lose weight was definitely odd, but after hearing that Kim Kardashian is trying to get pregnant in the hopes of having a second child with Kanye West, her words make even less sense.

According to RadarOnline, Kim admitted that she and Kanye are in the midst of getting their baby making on. Kim would really love to be pregnant at the same time as Kourtney Kardashian.


But if that's the case, then why in the heck is Kim so concerned with her weight all of a sudden? I mean, if you were trying to conceive, would you put any sort of effort into losing weight? 

No. No, you wouldn't.

And that's why one of two things must be going on here. Either Kim is already pregnant and doesn't realize it, so she's packing on the pounds because that's kind of what happens when you get knocked up. Or she's well aware that she's either pregnant or about to become pregnant, and she doesn't want anyone thinking she's let herself go in the interim. Like if she at least shows concern over her pants fitting a little tighter, no one will think she's indulged in a few too many carbs lately.

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But regardless of why she's so preoccupied with her size, Kim needs to lighten up. We all fluctuate from time to time. Maybe she should just take a step back and focus on being happy instead of fantasizing about being 20 pounds lighter.

Besides, if baby number two really is in the works, there's no point in her hitting the gym hard now. There will plenty of time for that after she's the mom of two active kiddos.

Do you think Kim is already pregnant?


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