Andi Dorfman's Flirtation With Josh Murray's Brother Isn't As Innocent As It Sounds


Andi Dorfman Josh Murray

Hmm. She really does seem head over heels in love with Josh Murray, but would you believe that Andi Dorfman flirted with Aaron Murray, Josh's brother, before she ever met Josh on The Bachelorette?

(Why am I not surprised?)

They didn't bump into each other in a bar or anything like that, but Andi and Aaron exchanged tweets. It sounds like while innocent, they definitely had a "hey, I'm kinda into you" nature.

Apparently Aaron saw Andi on Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor, at which point he "tweeted something at her." (Dude has major game.) And then Andi sent him a reply saying something along the lines of, "Oh, my dad's dream has come true, Georgia football!"

Huh. It sounds like she was more than a little bit starstruck over the interaction with Aaron, even though that's as far as the communication between them went.

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Of course, now that Andi is engaged to his brother, she's acting like the whole thing was no biggie and is thinking of Aaron as a family member, blah, blah, blah.

But check out how hot this guy is! Wouldn't it be kind of tough for you to look at him as a future brother-in-law when you were clearly all gaga over him tweeting you a while back?

Aaron Murray Josh Murray

(I'd take him over Josh any day. Just sayin'.)

I'm not saying Josh has anything to worry about, but if I were Andi, I think I'd be a little bit embarrassed about treating his bro like a celeb. But then again, Josh is so obsessed with Andi at this point that she probably could've hooked up with Aaron and he wouldn't give a rat's ass.

Hell, she slept with another dude just days before accepting his proposal, so why would he care about her hitting on a family member?

(Kidding. Ok, not really.)

Who do you think is hotter, Josh or Aaron?


Images via ABC; aaronmurray11/Instagram

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nonmember avatar confused

I'm sorry, are these people famous? I don't know who any of the names in this article are. Is there a reason I should care? Although whoever the younger looking one is on the left is the cuter one.

Sandra Blake

I figured all the bachelor programs were 'fixed'.  First we find out she knew Josh prior to the program and now she knew his brother before too.  Guess why they keep using the same ones over and over.

William Taylor

josh young brother just was drafted to the nfl with the kansas city chiefs he in the rn for second string might even go to no 1 spot if alex smith don t do better she new arron not josh before the show

nonmember avatar Beth

All d ay long JOSH is WAY hotter than Aaron. Aaron is decent looking, but Josh is where it's at. I don't feel that what Andi commented back to Aaron was flirting, but it's a mute point anyway, she wasn't with Josh and didn't even have him on her radar. The sleeping with Nick the day before IS a big deal, and I'm surprised in her for that, but she wasn't cheating. It wouldn't feel right to me to have done it, and I was shocked that as honest and moral as she is it felt right for her too, but it is her life. I'm shocked Josh can live with it too, and her certainly doesn't have to, have you seen him lately? But, it's his life. I DO NOT think he'd put up with Andi bring flirtatious with his brother though, and she wasn't! Josh isn't JUST gorgeous, he's grounded, moral, and intelligent. He also has his priorities straight.

nonmember avatar Beth

I also meant to add they not only is JOSH b hot as hell, intelligent, has his priorities straight and loves his family, but he seems like a REAL man!

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