Kourtney Kardashian's Naked Baby Bump Photo Puts Mom Kris Jenner's to Shame


Kourtney Kardashian

We already knew that she's about the most fashionable mom-to-be on the planet, but after seeing a throwback picture of Kourtney Kardshian's nude baby bump, we're reminded that she's also earned the title of "sexiest pregnant woman EVER."

She shared the photo on Instagram, and as a means of comparison, she lined the pic up side by side with Kris Jenner's naked bump shot from back in the day.

Kourt captioned the image with, "I got if from my mama."

Take a look and see whose naked bod you think deserves more accolades.


I know, the pic of Kourt is sort of weird, what with the lighting and all, but it was actually taken when she was pregnant with Mason, so it's not a brand new shot. But I'm sure not much has changed over the years, so this gives us a fairly good idea of just how amazing Kourt looks in her birthday suit even though she has a bun in the oven.

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Good for her for embracing her changing body and reminding expectant moms everywhere that being pregnant doesn't mean you have to kick your sexy to the curb for nine months.

It's obvious that Kourt is feeling more confident than ever during this pregnancy. Even if she did get a little bit of her self-assurance from her mom, she ought to give herself the credit she rightfully deserves too. I mean, good genes are definitely a plus, but Kourt has certainly achieved a certain level of hotness all on her own too.

Who do you think has the hotter bump, Kourt or Kris?


Image via XactpiX/Splash News



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nonmember avatar bettlebrain

She is more beautiful.than her mom

nonmember avatar Kacey

Kris's picture was not a photo shoot it was obviously something done at home. No makeup artist, hairdresser or fancy lighting. Old School.

Sandee Incerto

Their a horrible family? They set bad examples. 

nonmember avatar Virginia

Call me crazy but I think the picture is gorgeous! I see nothin wrong with a mother getting her bare baby bump photographed. Mommas get their bump shot with only a bra and a blanket. She just has the guts to proudly stand bare, yet covered, to show off her bundle of joy.

Evelyn Morales

already knew about this pic of her. this is old news.. her mom has it hanging in her house!!

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