Tyler Baltierra Obviously Can't Wait to Be a Dad Again (PHOTO)

Tyler Baltierra, Catelynn LowellTyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell may have just announced that they're expecting baby number two together, but that doesn't mean they don't still have a dear spot in their hearts for their firstborn Carly, the daughter they gave to adoption in 2009.

It's five years later, and given the super sweet Throwback Thursday picture Ty posted on Instagram, it looks as though he's more than ready to be a dad again. The Teen Mom star is obviously eagerly awaiting the day he and Catelynn will be able to take their little one home from the hospital together.

Tyler captioned this pic with a simple, "The moment we never wanted to end #ThrowBackThursday #Carly #Adoption #MyGirls"

Awww! Break our hearts already why don't ya, Tyler? We watched the reality stars chronicle their difficult decision to place Carly for adoption after getting pregnant during their junior year of high school on MTV's 16 and Pregnant. Even though they obviously made the right decision for their family (not to mention the adoptive parents!), it was still gut wrenching to watch.

Which sort of makes this new baby all the sweeter. They don't have to say goodbye to him or her when they leave the hospital.

Are you thrilled for Tyler and Catelynn's baby news?


Image via Tyler Baltierra/Instagram

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nonmember avatar krystian

No I'm not.

They will just complain about what carly would be like around the baby, and if she would love the baby and etc.

I wish these two would just stop with the fame seeking

nonmember avatar Boogie Down

I am very happy for them. This couple in spite of it all have seen it through together. Publicity for them equals a paycheck, which they can use to set up a college education for their child. I wish this couple the best. They have been together longer than a lot of couples nowadays.

Danielle Johnson Lewis

Krystian they will definitely talk about their oldest daughter and the baby because she us their first. Have you given a child up fit adoption or been the child of an adoption? You wouldn't understand unless you were, even so though you still may not understand... back off. She's their daughter, adopted out or not... bottom line.

nonmember avatar crazypeeps

Wow. That's really creepy to refer to Carly as one of his girls. She's not his at all. Nor are they expecting their second child. That's what happens when you give a baby up for adoption. If I were Brandon and Theresa I would be mortified how posessive Tyler and catelynn can be.

nonmember avatar Desirae

They had more then enough money from the mtv show they did to support Carly, so cry me a river. Now, they want to bring another baby into the world and keep it? When their other daughter is with an adopted family? What's wrong with the picture here?

nonmember avatar Thomas Unkle

I really don't think it was about financial support for Carly I think it was more of them not being ready emotionally and not wanting to screw Carly's life up because of that, it wouldn't have been my choice but to each their own

nonmember avatar Chocolate bar

To all of you saying they shouldn't have given Carly up for adoption,are you kidding? Would you,being 16 yourself,want to raise a child around abusive,drunken drug addicts? I wouldn't. That was NOT a stable home for Tyler or Catelynn, never mind a baby. They did the right thing. And yes Carly is one of Tyler's girls. He doesn't have her legally but they see her once a year and she has his DNA. He's not some stranger to her. He's not her dad but he is in her life

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