Leah Calvert Hires Divorce Lawyer Because Clearly the End Is Near

Leah Calvert, Jeremy CalvertDude. You know how Leah Calvert (née Messer) and her husband Jeremy Calvert always seem to be on again, off again? They'll have these big blow-ups and hurt feelings (who can forget the time he slapped her with raw bacon?), but then they send lovey dovey tweets about how happy they really are?

We thought things were going well for the Teen Mom 2 stars recently, which is why Leah's tweet about the BEST divorce and custody lawyer came out of nowhere! On Thursday, Leah took to Twitter to give a shout-out to a divorce attorney, and we're all scratching our heads and biting our nails a little.

Last we heard, Leah was putting those divorce rumors to bed. Just last month, she told In Touch magazine, "Divorce is not an option for us. I truly believe that Jeremy is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and my girls, and I really think we can overcome anything."

Of course, that was right around the time she was tweeting that she would "NOT back down" from her battle and about having been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time.

She could always be referring to her divorce attorney for matters related to her ex-hubby Corey Simms, with whom she shares twin daughters Aleeah and Ali, but wouldn't that be weird? I mean, they seem to have the co-parenting thing pretty much figured out at this point.

It seems much more likely she's been in contact with her attorney about her current husband and the father of her third child, Adalynn.

Ugh. Whatever the reason, and no matter how good your divorce lawyer is, it's never a good sign when you have to be in contact with one.

Do you think this means Leah and Jeremy are done for good?


Image via Leah Calvert/Instagram

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Smith38 Smith38

Not know don't care none of my business

Smith38 Smith38

Don't care don't know none of my business.

Samal... Samalama319

Maybe its someone she knows? And shes giving them a shout out? I say my moms the best nurse ever but that doesn't mean I'm in the hospital

nonmember avatar JessW

OOORRRRRR....she could just be giving fre publicity to the lawyer she used with Cory. Thats not a huge shock. People/celebrities do it all the time. Why does everyone just jump to the worst possible option first?

nonmember avatar Kayla

Maybe she had to talk to her lawyer again when it came to the twins or about the wheelchair.

nonmember avatar Amber8605

Leah just to stop blaing everyone for her problems and grow up , she needs to get a real job and take care of her family she has had two good men in her life and she ends up pushing them away because she doesn't know how to love with all her heart . She needs to love herself before loving others !!!!!! Yes she may have three kids but getting a job and putting them in a day care is more importan then buying a brand new washer and dryer which one at a yard sell would save her a lot of money and she acts like she is better then everyone because if she didn't she would be a waitress or in a fast food place , Mary Kay make up is as stupid as a vaccum cleaning job !!!! Stop spending money and maybe her husband wouldn't be so tough on her because he feels like maybe a dad to four kids instead of three !!!!!! Just saying you don't need everything new house cars washer dryers , get back down to you reneck roots and stop being a sissy !!!

nonmember avatar DS

Leah puts all her unhappiness on whoever she is with. You can't expect 24/7 attention from a man. That's not real life. she Will probably burn through 5 husbands by the time she's 30. Sad.

nonmember avatar Neo

Corey is a Pencil necked prick who has tried to duck his his court ordered responsibilies for the past 3 years and has failed to consistently pressure his insurance to properly fill the need of his children. Now all the sudden he acts like he wants to give a damn and is being worked like a puppet by someone close to him.

nonmember avatar Kitty

Lynne Ranson was her attorney during her first divorce with Corey. Its not out of the realm of possibility that she could be using Lynne for a second divorce. But it's hard to tell. Such a weird tweet, these girls need to stop sharing too much information. That divorce is nothing to be proud of.

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