Kim Kardashian's Bizarre Outfit Sends a Strong Message to Kanye (PHOTO)

kim kardashian

Some people support their partners by sitting down and giving them their undivided attention when something's bothering them. Kim Kardashian supports her partner by wearing shirts with Kanye's name emblazoned across it. Kim was spotted shopping in Los Angeles on Tuesday donning an ... interesting outfit. She had on skin-tight pants; her signature sky-high heels; a leather jacket; and a weird, long forest green "Yeezus" T-shirt/sweatshirt situation.

Sweet of her to declare her love for Kanye via fashion, but this could be one of Kim's most bizarre outfits to date.

Take a gander:

kim kardashian

Something about this get-up just strikes me as strange. Anyone else? Maybe it's because of the length of the shirt, or maybe it's because Kim's so not a T-shirt/sweatshirt/whatever this is kind of gal. And the super fancy heels she paired with it wouldn't have been my first choice.

kim kardashian

Again, odd, right?

Perhaps I'm just being too nitpicky here, but I couldn't help but stop on these photos and say, "Wait, wha?" when I stumbled upon them on my morning Internet stroll. Normally, Kim looks flawless, regardless of what she's wearing. Just not getting the stilettos and awkward-lengthed Yeezus shirt she's got on here. (But, yes, she still looks beautiful.)

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Also, this pic was taken in Los Angeles. In August. How in the crap is she wearing long pants and a leather jacket? Is Kris Jenner now controlling the weather, too?

What do you guys think of Kim's outfit?


Images via Splash News



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Bonnie Cobb

Kim has cloths on . Post it, Post it she is covered, so it won't get poste,d forgot .If she is not hanging out it want get posted

nonmember avatar Shanel

I think she looks fab whenever and whatever because of the confidence she has, if anything were to throw this outfit off would maybe be the fact that it is august and she's wearing a thick leather jacket. But the heels blend well with the jeans and again it is hot outside so thumbs up on the open toes!!

Dawn Dealmeida

She's fine but the shoes r definitely a bit 2 dressy.. Heels sure y not she can but not so dressy ones

nonmember avatar Maegan

I think she looks great. That t shirt is from Kanye's yeezus tour where other people can get them. This article makes it sound like she's stitching his name on everything to keep others away. It's her style and I love it!

Carole Rutt

I love the jacket and pants , shoes are cool but not with this outfit, shes a knock out here true beauty, little to no make up....

nonmember avatar Taylor

Does it really matter?It's a t-shirt. How is that bizarre? I read the title of this article thinking the woman had on a pork chop dress with star shaped sunglasses on. And maybe it's too big because it's Kanye's shirt.

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