Farrah Abraham Shares Pictures of Her New Sex Toys Because Why Wouldn't She?

Farrah AbrahamHappy hump day, y'all! Just in case you needed a reminder that you're not the most annoying person on the Internet on this glorious Wednesday, our favorite reality-star-turned-porn-star Farrah Abraham recently tweeted a photo that will have you rolling your eyes, if not throwing up a little in your mouth.

The Teen Mom alum decided, for some reason (probably because she's Farrah Abraham -- there really is no other explanation), to show off some sex toy swag. On Tuesday, August 5, she took to Twitter to not only thank the sex toy company Tantus, but post pictures of the goods they sent her!

Warning: The picture ahead may not be safe for work. Depending on, uh, how progressive your office is.

Our eyes! Pass the brain bleach, and quickly!

Seriously, just whhhhhyyy? Granted, it's not as gruesome as, say, watching Farrah and James Deen get it on in Backdoor Teen Mom, but at least you actively have to seek out images of that. Some people may just follow Farrah on Twitter because they like her cute photos of her 5-year-old daughter Sophia or enjoy hearing about her upcoming roles as a Christian movie star.

I guess the hard thing about trying to be so many things all the time is trying to keep them straight. Like is she a parenting expert or a plastic surgery junkie? Frozen yogurt shop owner?

Well, I guess we can be grateful for at least one thing -- she didn't post pics of the sex toys she had modeled off her own body. **Shivers**

Do you think Farrah's tweet was TMI?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Instagram

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Holly Eisner

PIG! That is all just PIG!

Samal... Samalama319

Is it only disgusting because it's Farrah? Seriously, if you're mortified by sex toys you clearly haven't grown up from seventh grade health class.

nonmember avatar dlasbed1

I agree....it's just sex toys....it's not like she is doing something inappropriate with them...while I think Farrah is ridiculous and stupid...why are still surprised but what she does all we are doing is continuing her time in the spotlight....which is what she wants...I don't see anything wrong except the fact the image burned into my brain of what she could be doing with them hahs

Amy Hyland

Damn.....those sex toys look big, but of course if your ass and vagina are all blown out you'll need big toys like these so you'll be able to feel it

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