Jay Z's Supposed 'Mistress' Tells All in New Song (LISTEN)

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Jay Z's 99 problems just turned into 100. A model/rapper named Yes Liv Can (real name: Olivia McFaller) has released a tune calling out the embattled rap king for trying to cheat on Beyonce -- with her. Liv, as she's also known, has made somewhat of a small career of accusing Jay of trying to pick her up, but the song "Sorry Mrs. Carter" couldn't come at a better time, what with Jayonce divorce rumors at their peak.


Despite the fact that Liv was rumored to be one of Jay's mistresses, she denies it in the song, rapping:

Me and Jay never screwed

We connected on some hip hop s---,

He could be himself with me any day that s---

We were attracted like magnets, us crossing paths was no accident.

When I stepped out, I took a piece of his heart.

You got 99 problems, I'm not tryin' to be one

Erm, well, you one, girlfriend. Anyway, quite a publicity stunt rapping about Jay's alleged affairs -- personally I wouldn't have been inclined to believe any of it until recently when Solange went all ninja warrior on Jay in the elevator. Got to be something up.

Since then, rumors have only swelled. Bey is supposedly house hunting solo, and the two are staying in different hotels and avoiding each other on their On the Run tour. I guess they are on the run -- from each other!

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Not too surprising that Liv's video has already racked up over one million views on YouTube. What is surprising is that the song isn't half bad. Check it out:

Do you think Jay really has tons of mistresses?

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