Madonna's Latest Selfie Is Her Most Embarrassing Photo Yet


MadonnaRemember the days when Madonna was genuinely controversial and transformative? She wore her bra on the outside of her clothes. She danced around crosses. Okay, maybe it wasn't that brilliant, but somehow she made it work because her songs were so catchy, her attitude so fresh, her look so original. But what the hell is she doing now? Despite being 55 years old and a mom, Madonna seems more desperate than ever to remain relevant by showing off her body. Granted, it's an awesome bod. But really only someone as young as Miley Cyrus can get away with acting like a stripper, and even she can't get away with it lots of times. So what the HELL is this new Instagram photo Madge put up? Call it ... the Vadge.

Madonna, whose Insta photos have already sparked pockets of outrage (remember when she posted a pic of her underage son holding a bottle of booze?), decided to post a picture of her vagina. Okay, she's wearing panties -- but still.

She then thought better of it and deleted it, but this is the Internet, Madonna. There is no delete button for a celebrity!

I don't know if she's still trying to prove to everyone she is in shape (yes, we know, Madge, we know) or if she's trying to out-selfie Kim Kardashian or what, but is this really necessary?

Look, I think Madonna can do whatever she likes. Just because you're in your 50s doesn't mean you curl up and die. I'm sure Madonna is still banging young dudes, and good for her.

I just don't know why anyone thinks a photo like this is necessary. And no matter what they say, her kids have got to be a tad embarrassed.

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But hey, we had the selfie, then the belfie, now we have the Vadge. Madonna is still inventing!

Necessary or not?


Image via Madonna/Instagram



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nonmember avatar Debbie

It wasn't a picture of her vagina at all if she had panties on. Refer to an anatomy book for the location of a vagina since you seem to be misinformed. Grow up.

Aidan Morris

Wow the ageism! such hate and a double standard. Miley can do it because she's younger??? You sound depressed girl. Let your freak flag fly!

El Em

This is who she is and how she's always represented herself, why it suddenly "embarrassing?" By your own admission, she looks good, so what is the problem? Her age? Should she crawl under a rock because a thirty-something blogger can't bear to see a hint of underwear worn by someone over 50? In the vernacular, you can understand; ageist, much?

As far as her instagram account goes, have you even looked at it? Her photos are beautiful and curated masterfully. It looks more like a high-end magazine, then a forum for selfies. Have you ever taken an art class? Do you have any sense, or understanding about what it is you're critiquing? This entire piece is click bait and cattiness; that's what's embarrassing.

nonmember avatar Allie

If she ever had any talent at all, she'd never need to be "controversial and transformative." She's a has-been pop singer. She was fun in the 80's, but sadly pathetic and desperate now.

Aaron Darc

Actually, she does it because the idiots who run websites like these will put anything like this up. If she did as you demand, you'd no longer give her screen time. And she knows this ;)

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