Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray's Wedding Date Is Much Sooner Than We Expected

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Andi Dorfman Josh Murray

Wow. Talk about being in a major hurry. Would you believe that Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray have set a wedding date, and it's WAY sooner than any of us probably expected?

Seriously, it's only been a little over a week since The Bachelorette finale aired. Already these two are moving in together, planning their big fat TV nuptials, and they know exactly when they want it to happen.

(Hmm. Wonder if they've run any of this by ABC yet?)

Ok, ok, I won't keep you in suspense any longer. In a new interview with Jezebel magazine, Andi said:

I don't know. I think I would love a spring wedding. You know we have to work a little bit around football. The [NFL] season ends around January or February-ish. Obviously Aaron (Josh's bro) is going to be in the wedding, so we're going to wait until his season is over, which is fine because I don’t really want a winter wedding. I'd like to plan a little bit, but I think we'd love to do it May 9, which would be exactly a year from the proposal.

And there you have it. It sure sounds like Andi and Josh will get hitched on May 9, so I guess we'd better go ahead and mark our calendars.

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Let's do the math. May 9 is only about nine months away. Andi and Josh better get cracking on things if they want to pull it all together by then. (You know, because most brides take at least a year.)

I guess they must really be into each other if they're jumping the gun on making things official. I mean, they haven't had anywhere close to ample time to settle into a normal life and see if they're compatible when the cameras aren't rolling. Let's hope for their sake that their confidence in each other winds up paying off.

Are you surprised that Andi will wed Josh so soon?


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Mark Cox

no.they gotta milk it while some people care about it

nonmember avatar janet johnsom

Did they know each other before show??? It would be hard not to know Murray family in Atlanta area and they live so close..

nonmember avatar keepinitreal

Um are you for getting they have already been together a couple of months before the show even aired and the question did they know each other before the show being that they lived so close no they didn't

nonmember avatar Keepinitreal2k

For your information Mark Cox its the Media that can't let the story go if inquiring minds didn't wanna know they wouldn't wasting their time. 2. Andy and Josh did not know each other they've said several times sometimes that happens some people can go out of this country and meet up with a person they never met. 3rdly Um I believe Andi Josh said they were All ready engaged at least a couple of months before the show even aired remember they said that the were sneaking around to see each other they just couldn't go public with it and they are just now moving in together so its not "Already?"
technically it will be a year when they get married

Ann Morris

No I am not surprised they should be getting married!! Which is ok!!they make such a cute couple!!!

Rakhi Shelat

Enjoy your wedding day Andi and Josh if it is May 9th. That is my beautiful princess daughter Shreas birthday it is a special day for us

nonmember avatar AustinA

My sister is going to the wedding. Josh was only allowed to invite 4 friends

Sara Mayo

They are both fame junkies!! They don't want people to forget about them...over it!

nonmember avatar loris wilson

We get on our computer and talk about the people we do not know the song says you talk too much.....we do not know anything about their lives leave them alone....let them do whatever with their lives....and stop assuming.

nonmember avatar lisa

I saw both of them on Jimmy Kimmel after the finale ...Andi admitted that they had met at a club while Josh was in casting for the show, and they had to keep it quiet. So it appears that they did know each other before the show. I will admit I do not know them or live anywhere near them . But I am not assuming anything . I heard it right from their own mouths. Right after that , they discussed how difficult it was to sneak around. That being said, they still are a well matched couple. I do not wish ill on them. I won't be watching their wedding. I think they got one over on everybody.

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