Ramona Singer Can Dish It but She Obviously Can't Take It (VIDEO)

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Wow. There's a lot to discuss both as a viewer and as a behind-the-scenes nosy know-it-all today. Last night, Bravo aired part two of The Real Housewives of New York City season 6 reunion, and it got bloody. I wonder whether Andy Cohen knows he made a sweeping statement about Sonja Morgan, her castmates, and the entire Housewives franchise, or if he was just too busy checking his Instagram likes. In today's exclusive episode, I take on that, plus much, much more.

Of course it wouldn't be a reunion without rehashing old fights, one of which was #BookGate. It made me laugh that both Aviva Drescher and Carole Radziwill were still SO worked up about this that neither of them could articulate their issues, except for Drescher's somewhat awkward attempt at humor. Are books like boobs? These are the questions we ask ourselves late at night when we're on our fourth glass of wine.

Next, I was surprised, but not surprised at all, to see the producers, Andy, and the cast's treatment of Sonja Morgan. Viewers have been suggesting she should take a break from putting her life on television, but I don't think that will work. What WOULD work, maybe possibly? In today's video I tell you.

real housewives

We actually saw something new last night regarding the men, and although it was terrible for Kristen Taekman and her husband, there's a silver lining. She touched on it, and I break that down further for her and other spouses, but really the meat of the hour was all about Ramona Singer. You all know I'm not objective about Ramona, but I tried my best to drop all that and consider the issues -- it goes back years between Ramona and LuAnn de Lesseps. Watch and tell me what you think!

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Belinda Long Stevens

Most telling about Ramona was her facial expression when Andy was grilling her about her marriage . . . very stiff, very frozen, very determined to smile. . .

nonmember avatar Formerly PfW

Alex, I love your videos and click over regularly to see/hear what you have to say. For at least a year I stopped watching most of these shows, but I am always curious to get your take on them. Thanks for offering your unique insight. I truly appreciate it. My only wish would be for your videos to be longer.

nonmember avatar lemon

Alex, I love you and I love this blog. But girlfriend, but you've got to give up "thug in a cocktail dress." It was mildly amusing once but it's never going to be a catchphrase.

Belinda Long Stevens

I would like to apologize for my comment on Ramona.  Reality TV is really kind of ridiculous, but if I was in Ramona's shoes, I wouldn't appreciate negative comments.  I apologize.  She's got to be in some pain.

nonmember avatar Okie Wells

Alex: I'm sorry but the book issue warrants more attention. We are not talking about who was in the cab with Harry or whether someone is bossy or not. This is repeated slander of a person's profession. Aviva continues to bring it up -- yeah, yeah, "creating storyline" -- but in the reunion Andy acted as if they were discussing gossip from a facialist.

The lies that Aviva continues to pound out about Carole are egregious. Calling a professional journalist and writer "writer girl" made me start yelling at the TV like a grouchy old man telling kids to stay off his lawn.

Bookgate" is a Big. Deal. Since housewives can't sue each other, Aviva can say anything she wants -- including repeating the old rumor about Harper Lee and Truman Capote. Maybe we outraged viewers should sue on behalf of "writer girls" everywhere.

ALSO -- did you notice that the mics on the left couch didn't seem to be working as well as those on the trifecta of delusion? The couch of reason's voices all came off sounding hollow and tinny, so when Aviva was shouting, it was impossible to hear Carole's responses. (Plus, the fact that Heather was very vocal in defense of Carole and kept verbally stepping on her didn't help.)

Barbara Amplewomen

Sonja and Ramona and their special relationship together are THE only thing that keeps this show entertaining. If Bravo breaks that up this show is toast!!!

nonmember avatar IsabellaYB

I agree strongly with Okie Wells comment above. Alexis' quick dismissive attitude toward the book and authorship issue suggests she too knows nothing about getting a book from inception to publication - just like Aviva. Interesting since Alexis supposedly has put a couple of books on the market.

If you watch the reunion you will see that Carole was very articulate and calm in explaining "industry standards" and her involvement with Aviva when Aviva was looking for a ghost writer. On the other hand, Aviva, who Andy gave more time to, has repeatedly shown that she does not understand the difference between an author, a first reader (or ideal reader), a ghost or co-author, an editor, or even a publisher and then insults Carole by calling her "writer-girl".

Most of all I suggest that Alexis read Remains of the Day which was written several years ago. It's about coping with real life tragedy. It's not a reality tv celebrity memoir that got pumped out in a couple of months. For that, read Aviva's, Brandi's, Kate Gosselin's, Jill Zarin's - these books are all over the discount shelves.

Ron Kurczak

they seem to have messed up with the reunion this time around. all the juicy stuff was in the first and second part, and the third segment seems boring in comparison. especially because aviva is shown to have a significant speaking part in the preview. with ratings being so low they probably wanted to hook viewers into the reunion as much and as soon as possible, leaving the very end of the season seeming like it'll be dull

viewing viewing

Real Housewives of New York has had one, and only one, housewife who committed one assault and battery with a plastic wine glass and attempted a follow up with an oar, but missed.  Shamefully, she is also the one and only NY housewife that Bravo chose to sign for for another season. 

All the NY housewives have potentially interesting story lines.  Kristen is a former model. She has her challenged baby girl, a young family, and marriage issues.  Also, her husband is in the throes of a business start up.  All that could teach viewers a lot.

Heather is a very successful businesswoman with a challenged son and friends in the entertainment industry. And so on. 

But all Bravo wants to show is fake gatherings and women who pretend to be friends clawing at each other and, as to Ramona, getting physical as well.  As a woman, I feel this is disgusting treatement of women on TV.  Shame on Bravo.

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