Jenelle Evans Might Never Get Custody of Jace Thanks to Nathan Griffith

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Jenelle Evans & Jace

Even though Jenelle Evans really does seem to have her act together these days, it's starting to sound like her life might not be quite as content as she's letting on.

According to a new report, Jenelle thinks Nathan Griffith is keeping her away from Jace, because he wants to remain in South Carolina where his family lives. If you recall, Jace and his grandmother Barbara actually reside in North Carolina, so it's not like he can pop over to Jenelle's house any given day of the week.

Jenelle supposedly said, "I want to go there [North Carolina] but Nathan doesn't want to move that far away from his parents."

And if that's truly the case? Um, Jenelle seriously needs to put her foot down and let Nathan know that her needs ought to be taken into consideration too.

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First of all, Nathan is living in Jenelle's house, not the other way around. He should be a little more willing to move if that's what she feels in her heart is best.

Second, now that she has baby Kaiser, she needs her mom's help a lot more than Nathan needs his parents. I'm sure things would be much easier for her if she was in closer proximity to Babs.

And lastly, Jenelle has worked so hard to straighten out her life and regaining custody of Jace is certainly a priority for her, which will be much easier if she is living in the same state as him. (Or so you'd think.) How in the heck is she supposed to be granted custody when she isn't even a part of her kid's daily life?

I know the last thing Jenelle wants is to piss off Nathan, let alone lose him. But she needs to wake up and realize that he's the lucky one and do what is best for her and her boys. And if he doesn't agree to her wishes? Well, that's his problem.

Do you think Jenelle should stay in South Carolina for Nathan's sake?


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Tiffany Smith

Haha no comments cuz NO ONE CARES

nonmember avatar Sara

I think she should closer to her son.

nonmember avatar Carmen

She should've thought alk scenarios before being married to another nan ket let alone to have another kud without having custody of the first kid.

nonmember avatar Brittaney

She should put her foot down. Right now it looks like she's choosing her husband over her own child.

nonmember avatar Samantha

I think she needs to tell Nathan that she's moving to North Carolina to be close to Jace.

nonmember avatar wendy

Karma .. You know what they say about living in glass houses and throwing stones ..

Amy Adams

She will do everything and anything to keep her man. I can't say the same thing for Jace. She will deal with him when her face book and twitter needs updates.

nonmember avatar misty

Poor excuse for a mother..

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