'Real Housewives of New York' Reunion Recap: Andy Cohen Goes Too Far When Questioning Ramona About Mario's Cheating

ramona singerIt was sad and awkward times on Tuesday's RHONY reunion. After the initial drama and bickering were reduced to a simmer, Andy Cohen asked Ramona Singer about her husband Mario. And not like, "Hey, how's Mario doing?" Like, how's Mario doing? in reference to the cheating rumors that have run rampant about Mario and Ramona this past year. The result: Everything and nothing.

Despite Cohen's best efforts to get something -- anything -- from Ramona, she refused to offer any insight on her situation with her husband, whom she is still with. She only plastered a fake smile on her face and gave weirdly monotone, canned lines like, "Everyone in my family is great"; "Next question"; and "I have a 19-year-old daughter, so I'm not going to go there." Ramona's way of handling the situation, as it often is, was strange and uncomfortable. But I've gotta say, as much as I love me some Andy Cohen, dude went a little too far with his questions.

As the host of a show, it's obviously his job to get answers out of the yahoo women who agree to be Real Housewives. Normally, he has a fantastic way of asking the ladies questions we as viewers want to know the answers to while subtly letting all of us at home know that, nudge-nudge-wink-wink, he's one of us. But watching him interrogate Ramona was so uncomfortable to watch -- mostly because, as she reminded us, she has a kid at home.

When Cohen began peppering Singer with questions, it was immediately obvious that she wasn't going to budge. But, as a good journalist would do, he pushed her a bit, even changing the specific questions, hoping to get some small insight as to what's gone on the past few months. Still, nothing. It was refreshing to see him not let her off the hook so easily, but all of a sudden, there came a point when I just wanted it to stop. Perhaps it was because of Singer's awkward nature, but it was all too much.

At the end of the day, Andy's right, Ramona signed up for a reality show, and when you're on a reality show, you don't get to pick and choose what parts of your life the world gets to see. It's all or nothing. (And, let's be honest, Ramona, what with her nasty comments and rude behavior, isn't the easiest person to feel bad for.) But, in my opinion, Cohen went a little too far with his interrogation Tuesday night. And, of course, at the same time, Ramona could have handled things differently.

What did you think of Andy questioning Ramona about Mario?


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youth... youthfulsoul

He didn't go too far at all. Like Luann said, karma's a bitch.

nonmember avatar fluffygrrrl

I don't think he went too far..I think they were ALL too easy on her. Especially after all the evil things she has said to LuAnn and Alex about their marriages.

Aaron Michael Gordon

What she should have said to Andy was anyone as large of a famewhore as yourself should have no problem detailing out your sex life.

What she should have said to LuAnn was that our situations are entirely different, where, in your case, both parties were indiscreet and in mine, only one was. It still makes her a total crazy nutjob, but a nutjob on a higher level that luAnn

nonmember avatar Sylvie

On one hand Andy was doing his job but it became distasteful and he was definitely beating a dead horse for the sake of a scoop. I say good for Ramona for protecting herself and her family...I would have done the same.
On the side, does Heather ever shut up!

nonmember avatar moi

Ramona can sure dish it out but can't take it. I do think that her comment about her daughter was a cop out. Once she exposed her daughter to the cameras, all bets are off. I agree with Andy about his comment about being on a reality show. She was clearly coached, and not well.

crazy... crazydaisydux

Loved Andy before this, not such a big fan now. Karma? LuAnn jumps on anything with a pulse...Ramona has been monogamous. That is what made this conversation so hurtful to watch. Her daughter is not a cop out. I feel Ramona handles it very well.

nonmember avatar shelley

It's really hard to feel bad for Ramona because she treats everyone badly... when the shoe is on the other foot, she is not into it... Too bad Ramona thats life, your husband had sex with another woman and made you look the fool...

dawnbr dawnbr

I think andy went to far because this was not part of the season. It was not talked about by anyone so it should be off limits in the reunion. Luann is disgusting and bitter


nonmember avatar cookie

Andy should have kept hammering her until he got something outfit her. She's a REAL HOUSEWIFE. How can her marriage be off limits? She's a vile disgusting drunk who relishes in treating the other women horribly.

nonmember avatar Barbara

I saw NOTHING wrong with his questions... and. .in fact, I loved HIS answer to HER question. she likes everyone else's out there. ... she even interfered with Sonja's boy toy..... Nothing but love for Andy.

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