'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle Evans' Anger & Abusive Behavior Will Shock You

jenelle evans teen momWe've seen Jenelle Evans in her fair share of arguments and fights. Whether it was an all-out-drag-out screaming match with Nathan Griffith or that time she was caught fighting a girl on-camera, Jenelle hasn't always been the "drop it and walk away" kind. And on tonight's episode of Teen Mom 2, we saw Jenelle's anger once again surface. But this time, it was all aimed at the family pets.

Now that Nathan is in jail serving his 30-day sentence, Jenelle is all alone at home. So to make things better, Barbara let her take Jace by herself for the weekend. But things weren't so nice. Nathan's dog, Moogan, wasn't cooperating for Jenelle; he escaped from his crate and took care of business on the laundry room floor, and then didn't get along with Jenelle's dog. So, after she unsuccessfully tries to get her dog into his new crate and he doesn't comply, she quickly starts to get angry. Then, in a fit, she lets Moogan out of his cage and lets him roam the streets.

Obviously, Jenelle's actions are not right. She was stressed and upset over Nathan leaving and had to care for her son, two dogs, and cat, all while being pregnant. But the anger, yelling, and aggressiveness toward the defenseless pets were no way to handle the situation. And now, word is coming out that some alleged fans have actually stolen that same pup. They were later arrested and the dogs were returned back to Jenelle and Nathan, but it looks like it's not the first time there's been news about the husky.

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Over in West Virginia, Leah Messer has decided to pursue her own career path: she wants to be a Mary Kay consultant and has purchased thousands of dollars' worth of starter kits that she can later sell for profit. However, that doesn't go over well with husband Jeremy. Turns out, the fam needs a new washer/dryer for the home, but after Leah's spending, their credit card is rejected. Yowza. And the later fight about money issues is not too comforting, especially since the couple just sold their home and are moving to a two-bedroom apartment to save money. The timing isn't great.

And as for Chelsea Houska? Aubree tells her (and then quickly backtracks) that Adam was driving her in a car. Understandably, Chelsea is upset, especially after Adam's most recent fiery car crash. To add more drama to the situation, she also discovers that Adam now faces up to two years in jail for committing his latest five misdemeanors.

Finally, Kailyn Lowry is feeling 22 with Javi and her friends. To ring in the occasion, she had dinner with friends, where she publicly breastfed Lincoln (go Kailyn!), and later went to her first ever club. Big moments all around.

What did you think of Jenelle's reaction to the dogs?


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TNRCa... TNRCatLady

Sorry but dogs are going to act like dogs. If you can't deal with that you shouldn't have a dog. I've seem so many of the teen mom girls buy designer breeds from pet shops (adopt people! Don't support puppy mills by buying from pet shops!) and by the next episode they've gotten rid of it just to buy another a week later and do it all over again. It really pisses me off. I work in animal rescue and the majority of the animals we care for are dumped pets. So many people think a puppy or kitten is adorable and then as soon as they act like an animal they give it up. Don't get a pet unless it's for life. Know that no animal is perfect, they can be expensive, not just the basics either so many people don't think about the possibility of their pets getting some kind of expensive medical condition. plan for the fact you may have kids and if you won't be able to handle that don't get them in the animal in the first place. (It's common to see people dump their pets when they have a kid). There are solutions to everything so there is no reason to dump your pet. They are family. Pets are a huge responsibility and so many people don't seem to get that. Sorry this got really long, I can't help it. It's just something that really infuriates me. But anyways Jenelle obviously shouldn't have pets if she can't control her anger. It doesn't matter what's going on or how stressed she is. Dogs don't deserve that. She needs to learn the appropriate ways to train and interact with dogs.

Sue Coburn

 My comment is about Leah Messer,She really blew  it by not going to nursing school.She only looked at her short term problems and goals.If she had went to nursing school , she would have graduated 

by now with a nursing degree.She would have been able to support herself and her children , instead of getting into a rebound marriage .Now she is in debt and high medical costs, it is too bad she could not has forseen her future 

nonmember avatar Denise Richards

Jenelle needs to grow up. Plenty of women in this country are pregnant, have one or more toddlers, take care of a home, including pets, AND THEY GO TO WORK ALL DAY. Jenelle lies around and does nothing but mope and whine. You piece of trash - how dare you take it out on those dogs? You are lazy. Irresponsible. Immature. Spoiled. And I wish the dogs had bitten you - then you would have gotten what you deserve, and the dogs would have been taken away from you. You make me sick to my stomach.

nonmember avatar Simon

Jenelle is a STUPID waste. What did she think the dogs would do but get in a fight when she crammed both of them in the same CAGE (and a cage that is too small for 1 dog the size they were). Just seeing how the food was all scattered about and she couldn't even sweep a little. Would you crap where you lied down to sleep? I don't blame that dog for dumping all over once it got out of that CAGE. The last straw on her stupidity was the way she tied him to a tree. Could the dog even get water or food or ever lay down?

nonmember avatar Kat

I think she overreacted with the dogs but I understand how frustrating it can be when the dog makes a huge mess but yeah overreacted. And for Leah I can't believe how much money she spent on 'mary Kay' just like Avon, is a waste of time and money. Yeah you can make a little here and there but I would never spend thousands on that "career" I'm not sure how that even got labeled as a"career " but Janelle needs serious help.

nonmember avatar farthammer

Kailyn = big ugly insane fat miss piggy looking with the worst tattoos ive seen in years who beats her pussy of a husband.

Jo = total delusional douchebag who would still be liv8ng with mommy if it weren't for the show

Javi = quite possibly a retarded mongloid and definite punching bag

Vee = fame whore who is only into Jo for the camera time

nonmember avatar Kristen

She can't take good care of dogs, she surely shouldn't have kids.

Sweet... Sweetsuds

1. The cages are too small, 2. Dogs need lots of exercise and love, and play which she yells at them so they are frightened of her...beeotch. 3. She ignores them or yells...neglect and so they act like dogs and make messes. Duh, if you don't take a dog out to walk for the bathroom..they poop in the house. And WHAT A DRAMA queen, it is just poop...pick it up. 4. She is showing her son to have lots of childhood anxiety and be cruel to dogs as well as frustrated easy. 3. She doesn't even work, grow up...you can take care of a dog and if not, hand them to Nathan's family to do a better job. This episode was so hard to watch and you gotta love theanimal abuse pitch at the end. 

Sweet... Sweetsuds

I don't know what is worse, how she is warpin her son or the dogs.,,she needs years of therapy.

nonmember avatar laurie

Jenelle needs help !!! Not children!!! She has acted like an idiot from day one...she is the attention whore.....Her poor children. You can tell that Jace already has behavior problems..... Those poor animals......she needs to be alone...I treat my dog like a child.....Hopefully the children and animal services will watch the show and take matter in there hands.....Jenelle or this boy she is with deserve to have children or pets......Jenelle has no heart or compassion for anyone or thing.....What she needs is HELP.....Mental help....

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