Andi Dorfman's First Magazine Cover Sends a Very Clear Message (PHOTO)


Andi Dorfman

Wow. That was fast. Now that she's officially an engaged woman, Andi Dorfman has landed a magazine cover, so it's pretty safe to say she's stepping outside the realm of reality TV fame.

Andi is featured on the cover of Jezebel magazine, a publication based in Atlanta. (How convenient.)

Dressed in a tight white dress, Andi looks all sorts of smokin' hot in the photo, but the word that's scrolled across her body pretty much sums up the message she's trying to send to the world right now.

Yep. Taken. As in she and Josh Murray are already planning their wedding and definitely plan on being together for the long haul.

But let's forget about her husband-to-be and focus on this cover pic instead. Doesn't she have a ridiculously suggestive vibe going on here? For a gal who has no interest in other dudes, she's certainly providing local Atlanta men with a good dose of eye candy to drool over.

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And one thing's for sure -- white is definitely her color. It's perfect against her skin tone, and the cut of that dress is just to die for. I'm loving how it shows a tiny bit of cleavage without being all, "check out my boobs!"

Her time as The Bachelorette may be over, but I think it's pretty safe to say that Andi won't be stepping out of the spotlight anytime soon. One magazine cover can only lead to another, right?

What do you think of Andi's cover shot?


Image via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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Mark Cox

rather ironic title of magazine and story

nonmember avatar aly

Whatever way she wants to parlay a career out of her time on the Bachelorette is great. She's smart, gorgeous and has a fun personality. It would be fun to see her on air, commenting on whatever she wants. Good for her!

nonmember avatar grammadee

If she's TAKEN, why is her engagement ring NOT on her finger????

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