Ali Fedotowsky Shares Heartbreaking Photo of ‘Bachelor’ Star Gia Allemand

ali fedetowskyIt's hard to believe that it's almost been a year since beautiful Bachelor and Bachelor Pad star Gia Allemand died at age 29. In August of 2013, she was found after an apparent suicide, and the news shocked all of Bachelor-nation, from her fans to her co-stars. Ali Fedetowsky, one of Gia's close friends from Jake Pavelka's season, is reminiscing about her old friend, and recently posted a sweet picture tribute to Gia.

Ali had dinner with Gia one week before her passing and said she seemed in good spirits. Now, as the anniversary of her death approaches, Ali shared this beautiful moment between the two friends:

With the photo, she also left some kind words:

One year ago today I had dinner with my friend Gia. Being the caring friend that she was, Gia encouraged me to stop eating meat so that I could be a healthier person. That conversation would end up changing my life. Here Gia was helping me live a better life when she was struggling in her own life (we would lose Gia just 10 days later). That's true selflessness. It has been one year since I've had a single bite of meat. It has been my way of honoring Gia, honoring my body, and keeping her memory alive in the little decisions I made (like what to eat) everyday. You are missed Gia. Thank you for caring, loving, and giving so much, not only to me, but to everyone who had the chance to know you.

It's easy to see just how wonderful Gia was. From her boyfriend to her friends, everyone had nothing but wonderful things to say, and it's clear they all miss her.

And Ali's simple way of honoring and remembering her friend? Beautiful. With every passing day, her choice to take on the same lifestyle as her friend is just one little way of staying connected. Very sweet move.

It hasn't been an easy year for anyone who was once close with Gia. The grieving process is difficult, but recognizing her for all the wonderfulness she brought into the world is a great way to celebrate her life.

What do you think of Ali's words?


Image via alifedetowsky/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Joanne

So sad!! I loved Gia on both shows!!

Rhonda Desjardins DesRosiers

So sad she is gone at such a young age.  She was a beautiful girl inside and out, thoughts and prayers to her family and close friends to help get them through this grieving process.  R.I.P Gia.


Danielle Lutz

Gia was beautiful inside and out. May she now rest in peace.

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