Has the Ridiculous 'RHOC' Drama Gone Too Far This Time? (VIDEO)

The Real Housewives of Orange County are off to Bali, Indonesia for their trip of a lifetime, and for the life of me, I'm trying to figure out why the producers decided to take the ladies so far away from home. There's renewed drama between Tamra JudgeLizzie Rovsek, and Shannon Beador, with friend-of-the-Housewives Danielle Gregorio getting involved as well. But will the real-life drama unfolding around us make both the end of the season AND the already-filmed reunion out of date? In today's exclusive episode, I break all that down, plus the premiere of a brand new series, Jersey Belle.

How do they choose where the Housewives go on trips? How do they work around filming with airport security and places that don't take too kindly to film crews running around? We break all that down as well, but besides a lovely exotic background, WHAT is going on between the ladies??

Danielle's motives are obvious, and so are Lizzie's, at least to me, anyway. There's also a fabulous lesson to be learned in reality television editing this week -- and not a bad one. It's fascinating and you can see where it could be really fun to sit in the editing suite deciding what to keep and what to cut. Vicki Gunvalson and Heather Dubrow are also brought into text-gate, birthday-party-gate, straight out of the gate, and we've also got capsizing kayaks and very large, ahem, elephants.

There will undoubtedly be more to come with the RHOC Bali trip, but meanwhile, let's move on to a brand new series, Jersey Belle, starring publicist Jaime Primak Sullivan and her friends and neighbors in and around Mountain Brook, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham. What makes the Belles different than the Housewives and will it be a hit? All this and more in today's exclusive video below. Watch now!

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Do you think Jersey Belle is more entertaining than RHOC?


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Polye... PolyesterGerbil

The best thing about RHOC is your recaps, Alex!  

Ron Kurczak

there's been a lot of questions in the comments over at RealityTea regarding Danielle's position this season -- she has a bravo bio on their site, yet she has barely been featured, and it seems like it's almost on purpose that her content has been edited out. People are wondering what might have happened last minute that caused her to get such a short straw as the show is airing...and also wondering where she has vanished to??? her twitter has been dead since May and she hasnt been doing any media for the show at all. it all seems very strange for a "friend" of the housewives. i would LOVE to hear your take on what might be going on!

Suzie Smith McGinnis

RHOC has always been my favorite reality show, and still is to this day. I don't understand what Danielle's part is though...what the heck??? Love Vicki & Shannon, but I really think Lizzie is a terrible gossip & friend to all the housewives...she's a back stabber too...ugh Looking forward to the reunion shows! Happy that Tamra will NOT be returning next season, for sure!!!

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