Chelsea Houska Shares Surprising Photo of Daughter Aubree

Chelsea Houska Aubree

If you didn't already have a huge girl crush on Chelsea Houska given how fabulous she is in all aspects of her life, just wait until you see a new photo she shared of her daughter Aubree looking like a pint-sized version of herself.

This shot will make you do all sorts of "oohs and ahhs" and reconfirms that Chel is no doubt one of the most amazing moms on the planet.

How precious is this kid?

OMG. Dying over the cuteness. Doesn't Aubree look exactly like Chelsea in this pic? The same smile. The same chic sense of style. And heck, she's even super healthy just like her famous mom, carrying around that bottle of water as opposed to some sort of sugary drink.

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It's clear that she couldn't be more proud of her sweet little girl, and based on that grin on her face, it's obvious that Chelsea is raising one very happy kiddo.

Given how impossible it is for all of us to resist Aubree, we can't even imagine how over-the-moon Chelsea is to have such a wonderful little girl!

Do you think Aubree and Chelsea look alike?


Image via chelseahouska/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Jordibeth

She looks just like Adam, just like she has since birth. Cute for sure but she doesn't look like her mama.

Pinkm... Pinkmommy0211


Are you insane? She looks just like her mother.

nonmember avatar Mj

She's always cute! But... Not too many of us parents can afford to buy a small child Ray bans!

I don't even own those!

nonmember avatar Lisa

She is nothing but a brat on the show. She's cute, but spoiled rotten and never disciplined.

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