Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Finally Addressed by the Palace

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Kate Middleton

Well? I guess we can go ahead and quit getting excited about another royal baby arriving anytime soon. Supposedly Kensington Palace has shot down rumors that Kate Middleton is pregnant with her second child, which is basically the only confirmation we need that she definitely does not have a bun in the oven.

(I know. Bummer.)

And in addition to insisting Kate is not expecting, wait until you hear what other rumor the Palace spokesperson put to rest.

Remember how Kate's "best friend," Jessica Hay, spilled the beans and said she was pregnant with her second child?

Yeah, well, apparently they have not seen each other or spoken to each other in years, so it sounds like we can't take her word seriously. (If she even started the rumors about Kate in the first place.)

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Sigh. I guess that's that. But considering we already had a fairly good idea that Kate is not currently pregnant, why did the Palace feel the need to defend her like this?

One of two things is likely going on here. Either Kate and Prince William don't plan on giving Prince George a sibling any time in the next year, so the Palace figured coming clean on the rumors would shut us all up for a bit. Or ... maybe Kate and Wills are trying for a second baby, but all of the speculation over when said baby will arrive is stressing the two of them out, which might make conceiving even tougher.

Sigh. On one hand, we probably shouldn't pry into their business, as I'm sure they'll be shouting the happy news from the rooftops whenever it does happen. But gah -- sometimes we just can't help ourselves as far as getting caught up in royal baby hoopla goes. The thought of another mini Will or Kate is just way too exciting not to talk about!

When do you think Kate will get pregnant?


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nonmember avatar mary

why not reease a statement why this lazy, pathetic couple never work, everyone is dissappointmwnt in their parastic lifestyle while not givingf back!

Doris Klusman Sands

If we all remember Prince William mentioned he wanted to enjoy Prince George. One baby could be a big handful. So I am guessing they didn't want another baby right away.. I actually see nothing wrong with this at all.  Even a three year difference isn't all that bad.


Mal Thornton Lonsdale

just leave them alone ......it will happen at some point when they are ready......even royals cant get what they want all the time.

Ruth Hawkins

i dont care one way or another. a baby is personal to them. nothing to do with us.


nonmember avatar betty

the babies have EVERYTHING to do with the monarch, her duty includes making a heir and spare, and if she divorces she aint taking them anywhere, anyway shes unfit mothet!

nonmember avatar Annette

When they are ready

J'zanne Read

Don't work???? A serving member of the military. They are active political ambassadors, they don't get paid to do appearances like some people, ie Hilton (and Blonde beer). They are sponsored by the government, they are good will representitives and they themselves are the product. They don't stop working, when the cameras are rolling. So, @ Mary, please tell us all, just what it is you count as a "job".

Helen Portelli

Leave them alone for gods sake they are human beings stop hounding them 

Hollie Gentry

Looks to me they "work" all the time...... The place they are is one many couldn't handle. Bless them, they are an amazing couple. As they're children will be!

Donna Truax

whenever it happens is good enough for me

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