Kim Kardashian's Bustier Top Is So Tight She's Literally Spilling Out of It (PHOTO)


Kim Kardashian

Oh, man. She was no doubt going for an over-the-top sexy vibe following her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, but Kim Kardashian's bustier top seriously had her bursting out all over the place.

I know, I know -- Kim's boobs are always on display. Why should we give a rat's behind about her showing off more than ample cleavage yet again?

Well? All I can say is that this bustier is so freakin' tight, her poor girls are squished to the max.

This looks painful, people.

Kim Kardashian

Good GRIEF! I mean, this can't be comfortable, right? (OMG. Her poor boobs!)

I know that looking as sexy as possible with a bit of shock factor thrown in for good measure is kind of Kim's thing, but this top really appears to be a size or two too small.

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Yes, it is. Take a look at the photo again -- it's cutting into her, people! (Or squeezing her really tight or whatever.)

While the fact that she covered up her girls a little more for a change is refreshing, Kim probably would've been better off just letting 'em all hang out.

But you know something? We're totally on to her. You know she took that thing off and breathed a sigh of relief the minute she walked back through the door to her pad. (Who wouldn't?)

Do you think Kim is trying too hard with this look?


Images via PacificCoastNews; Cathy Gibson/PacificCoastNews



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Kelli Stephens Martin

Dear Stir,

I'm most sad.  You used to be an reputable site.  Now, all you report on is the Kardashian clan.  You're contributing to the "dumbing down" of today's women.  Bummer dude, I liked this page.  Oh well, later for you Stir.tsk tsk

Cindy Yeager

Jealous much?! Seriously, If u hate Kim Kardashian so much, then stop posting about her!! This is so junior high talking crap on ppl just to get attention from others!!!

Dawn Dealmeida

The sad thing is she really think she looks good wearing stuff that clearly 2 small 4 her and the thing is she doesn't have 2.. She's beautiful but it's sickening seeing her in everything that her boobs fall out of.. She should wear regular clothes cause it's really not sext it looks uncomfortable and I'm sure it is..

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