'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Tamra Barney Finally Gets What She Deserves

Real Housewives of Orange County This week the gang went to Bali. Between the jet lag and the stifling climate, tensions were high. It's no surprise that the fighting's already begun on this big trip. How are they going to make it through the rest of their journey? Things got really heated when Lizzie Rovsek let Shannon Beador know that she was pissed at Tamra Judge. She's not the only one! With even Vicki giving her a wide berth, at this point, Tamra has no allies left. It's no wonder, given that the woman cannot even spell the word "truth."

Was it petty of Lizzie to revisit the whole birthday debacle? Yeah. But I mean ... this is The Real Housewives. 'Petty' is their metier. Tamra was really the person in the wrong and she proved it. She should have just apologized to Lizzie and moved on, but she didn't. In fact, things got so intense that she literally bailed on the rest of the evening.

Seeing as how they are all traveling in a group together and star on the same T.V. show, this isn't going to magically go away with a simple night's shut-eye. Of course Tamra feels attacked! Of course she wanted to flee! All of her lies are coming home to roost, and aside from one stupid text exchange with Lizzie, she doesn't have a leg to stand on. If I were Tamra, I'd start sprinting and not stop until I hit the next flight home to the states.

Maybe Tamra will come out of this situation tougher, but I don't know. She's always relied on Vicki Gunvalson to ultimately come through for her, but now it's sounding like even Vicki has finally had enough. It's starting to feel like there's nothing Tamra can do to get back into anyone's good graces. If you ask me, she deserves all the hate coming her way. She's been totally manipulative and terrible this season. She needs to get her act together.

Are you still team Tamra? Why? Help me to understand!


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nonmember avatar jath

She does stir the pot but so does everyone especially vicki. I just think given her family situation, a little slack is needed. Lizzy has no real reason to be mad. Boo hoo, she didn't come to my birthday, oh well. That really wasn't a reason to go off. Now the shannon situation is different, how she behaved with her was awful.

nonmember avatar auntpearl

Tamra has told so many lies she can't even keep up with them. The show would be so much better without her.

nonmember avatar Norman

From what I've seen via her onscreen persona, she is the epitome of drama, and I can no longer find one redeeming quality about her. Moreover, her over the top ridiculous reaction and fake tears over her son's plan to get married is laughable yet incredibly annoying at the same time.

nonmember avatar Victoria Dodds

Why is Tamra still using her former husband's last name? She is now legally Tamra Judge. From what I've read, Tamra has not been asked back for the next season. BTW: Why would a group of woman who are sticking knives in each other's backs taking a girls vacation to Bali? Obviously, Bravo picked up the tab, what else is there to film another cocktail party?

nonmember avatar Tracey

It is humorous to me and such karma given how she treated Gretchen last season. Now she is getting hers and I am sure it doesn't feel so good being on the other side. She is ridiculous and over the top with being a pot stirrer and drama filled lunatic.

nonmember avatar Anna

Can Bravo please bring back Alexis and Gretchen. AND keep Shannon

nonmember avatar Aaronius

I love Tamra, but I know that she's essentially creating plot for the show, so I don't take her antics too seriously.

nonmember avatar Becky

I hope Tamra doesn't go back on the show! I can't stand her and her lies. She's so insecure and jealous of everyone!

nonmember avatar Suz

Tamra's missing one important qualification to be a successful liar: a good memory. Not only is she dumb as a doorknob, but she has said many times that she 'can't remember what I said' because she was drinking.

nonmember avatar babs

Tamra has been a liar since 'Day 1' & has caused nothing but trouble every time she opened her mouth & denies everything, & as already said, no memory & dumber than dirt. Anyone else notice her cold, dead shark eyes? Just evil...& even to those who stood by her side, she betrays. Judas! No wonder she ran like her arse was on fire--back under the rock she crawled out of; she is not in the same league as the rest of them, just trailer trash. Hoping to never see her again. I for one cannot believe women 'friends' behave this way--ever, regardless of circumstances. Hey Bravo, get your money back!

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