Kendall Jenner's Cleavage-Baring Jumpsuit Is Beyond Sexy (PHOTO)

Kendall Jenner

Whoa. She's kind of been off the radar for a couple of weeks or so, but if Kendall Jenner's sleek black jumpsuit isn't enough to remind us that she's just as stunning as her famous sisters, nothing is.

She wore the getup for Riccardo Tisci's birthday bash over in Ibiza, Spain. She posed for a photo next to her mom Kris Jenner and sis Kim Kardashian -- who also looked pretty freakin' amazing that night, if I might add.

Check out the pic and see who you think the hottest member of the family is.


Wow. This outfit definitely gives new meaning to the term "plunging neckline," though showing off cleavage isn't exactly anything new for Kendall.

But in addition to how glam the jumpsuit is, aren't you loving the bold red lip she has going on? Whoever did her makeup that night did one hell of a job, as she looks way, WAY older than her mere 18 years. (Which I'm guessing was the exact vibe she was going for.)

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And aside from her physical appearance, she's practically oozing confidence in this pic, as if to say, "Oh, please. I'm so sexy it's hard to believe I'm even related to these people. No wonder I'm a model and they're not."

(Or something like that.)

Do you think this is Kendall's hottest look to date?


Image via kendalljenner/Instagram

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