Kate Middleton Feels 'Imprisoned' at Kensington Palace

Kate Middleton and Prince William

OMG, talk about first world ROYAL problems.

After spending a massive amount of money renovating Kensington Palace, it looks like Prince William and Kate Middleton are STILL unhappy with their living arrangements and are ready to move their family.

But there's one problem, of course. The couple spent over a whopping $7 million to renovate their digs and are now moving out because they’re unhappy with all the media attention they’ve been getting in London. Yeah, talk about making the British taxpayers PISSED.

According to the Daily Mail, Wills and Kate apparently feel so miserable in their palace that they’re willing to relocate to the English countryside so they can be closer to their circle of well-connected friends. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want to raise Prince George in Norfolk and plan to make an official royal announcement sometime in September. A source tells the site:

William has said that while Kensington Palace is their long-term home, and that the plan is that it will always be so, but they both love the countryside. They enjoy the quiet life they can have there, and feel somewhat imprisoned in the Palace. Anmer is going to be perfect for a couple of years -- that is the plan.

The Duchess is also reportedly feeling aggravated by all the attention she’s getting from the public when she’s running around town shopping or taking Prince George out on walks. Oh, someone get a Jenny Packham dress she can wipe her tears away with. The source added:

Kate is bothered by how much paparazzi and commoner attention she attracts in London. She no longer walks Prince George around Kensington Park because she’s been photographed there a few times. She also hates that people pay attention to how much she shops in London. She misses the freedom she had in Wales to go undercover.

While there’s no doubt that there are some aspects of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s lives that are a royal pain, these two seem to be complaining about nothing. They don’t know what the feeling of imprisonment is unless they’ve been cooped up in a cubicle for eight hours a day or deployed overseas and can’t return home. There are far worse things in this world than being bothered by “commoners” on the street. Sheesh. These two take so much yet give so little in return and have the audacity to complain about their lives, too. It’s as if the Obamas would suddenly decide that the White House isn’t good enough for them and wanted to move full-time to Hawaii. We sure know that would never happen.

Do you think William and Kate are making the right choice by moving to Norfolk?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Ally

"Give so little in return"... are you serious? Do you live in ignorance wherever you are? Those two work ceaselessly for charities and causes. Please don't make yourself sound ridiculous and bitter and uneducated by saying they give so little in return. Do a little research first before saying such a comment. And everyone has the personal right to not like things or complain about aspects of their lives. Everyone.

Catherine Carter

I personally think that people should LEAVE THEM ALONE and let them live the life THEY want for themselves and their family.  

The constant "invasion" of people in the life of Diana and her family eventually led to an end to a beautiful woman...and PLEASE do not let that happen to THIS lovely family.  :'(

Carol Palatine

Yes I do.. I think they will be much happier in Norfolk.

Linda A Mangino


nonmember avatar lynn

ya ater spending millions and millions renovating the palace they fell trapped? And they are now moving to Anmer hall, where they will spend more millions to to renovate, and dont forget when lazzy katie runs to berkshire to mum carole it cost millions on security when they go on their numerous holiday, more millions on security, WHICH charities do they work on, kate is a patron of only 5 charities which she visits only once a year, and william is avoidind royal work by taking a pretend job Air ambulance, they want a life of a carefree life without responsibilities while enjoying a lavish lifestyle SHAME ON THEM!!

waity... waitykate


Great article. I agree with it. THey do not much , that's true. In their own country they're referred to as "Willnot and Cannot".  Any news of either of them doing anything is fairly rare.  Yes they have nerve to complain, they live off the taxpayers and most people are struggling to live.  

I wantt o die laughing when people say  "leave them alone" !!!   LOL. THEY ARE ROYALS. THEY OWE THE PUBLIC A LOT OF CHARITY AND PUBLIC SERVICE.  They know that.  They need to grow up and stop being so greedy and lazy.

waity... waitykate

@ALLY.......You must be HALLUCINTING dearie.

Astrid Marsh

I think they work ceaselessly , and are a lovely couple ,with a lovely little boy. I can well believe she enjoyed the privacy in Wales.  I appreciate how our oh-so -hardworking Queen  keeps going ,at her age. What a wise and dedicated lady,who has dedicated her whole life to her country.  Most countries would love to have a Queen/King. Just have a look at Mugabbes Palace and see how much he "costs " GOD SAVE THE QUEEN> 

Astrid Marsh

How jealous some of you are.  WE cant choose our parents, we can choose our friends. I had no Silver spoon but have no envy, thank goodness .

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