Leah Calvert Might Be on the Brink of a Scary Addiction Problem


Leah Calvert

Hmm. It's no secret that she's taking medication to help manage her anxiety, but a new report from RadarOnline indicates that Leah Calvert is addicted to painkillers, which she "takes on a regular basis."

"Friends" of Leah's claim, "We think Leah could be taking powerful painkillers including Lortab and Percocet. They are very easy to get on the streets in her hometown."

And the accusations don't stop there.

One insider says, "It's all too much for her. Sometimes she drops her girls off with her mom at night and takes painkillers or drinks heavily. Dawn is all too eager to help out and tries to keep Leah's secrets hidden."

Huh. One thing's for sure. Regardless of whatever struggles Leah has going on in her life, she might want to consider getting some new friends if people in her inner circle are really talking about her behind her back in such a negative manner.

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But honestly, I'm just not buying the idea of Leah taking anything other than meds that are prescribed to her by her doctor. Despite what we've seen so far on Teen Mom 2 season 5B, she does appear to have her act together, based on how her life has progressed since filming ended.

She and Jeremy are back on track with their marriage, her career is taking off, and she seems more devoted than ever to her girls. Why would she go and throw it all away like that?

But if by some chance these allegations turn out to be true? Let's hope Leah realizes she's on a very dangerous road and could jeopardize everything she holds dear in life. She's come so far, and the last thing she needs is to have everything fall apart in one of the worst ways possible.

Do you think Leah is really addicted to pills?


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nonmember avatar Celeste

This young woman is the spoiledest of spoils. She was with her ex Cory and they barely made ends meet. Now she's with Jeremy and because he works outta town she whines all the time til he does what she wants. One day that will bite her in the ***. I just think she's a chronic whiner.

nonmember avatar alicia


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