Jenelle Evans' Comments About Her Mom Reveal Something None of Us Saw Coming

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jenelle evans barbara jaceWe all know that Babs/Baaaarbara/Mrs. Evans/Mémère is the queen of Teen Mom 2. Of course, we're talking about the one and only, Jenelle Evans' mom, Barbara. The two have not always had the healthiest relationship. They've bickered, fought, and Jenelle even signed over custody of her oldest son, Jace, to her mom years ago. But now, it seems like they've turned over a new leaf, because Jenelle recently said that her mother is her biggest inspiration.

Not only do the two get along much better, mostly because they no longer live together, but Jenelle actually had some very nice things to say about her momma:

Well, shucks! Isn't that sweet? Not too long ago, they were arguing about "Keifaaa!" and Jenelle's litany of troubles, but they seem to have totally patched things up now. Good timing too, since Jenelle just gave birth to her second son, Kaiser. Grandma Babs now has two adorable grandchildren and even a possible future son-in-law (hey there, Nathan!).

But seriously, it's so great to see that Jenelle and Barbara were not only able to fix their relationship and finally mend fences, but Jenelle has even gone one step beyond: she's praising and recognizing her mom for all that she's done. And she's right. Barbara has been there by her through all of her boyfriends, all of the charges, and has given Jace a safe home.

Woman deserves some major recognition. #TeamBarbara, always and forever.

What do you think of Jenelle's comments about Barbara?

Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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Kathryn Running

She has more than two Jenelles bro has atleast one kid also

mahyla mahyla

That's really sweet of her. Her Mom has been there for her and her first baby. She should really thank her for that, she's very blessed to have such a figure in her life.

Megan Hayes

Actions speak louder than words.

Ident... IdentityA

Exactly @megan hayes!!! This is a prime example of actions speaking louder than words. Jenelle can say all the nice things in the world, but she needs to learn how to treat her mom with respect physically as well. In my opinion, jenelle is extremely selfish and should have put jace first in her life BEFORE getting pregnant again. This whole baby kaiser crap is just a ploy to show people she's 'changed'.. When really, she probably hasn't changed a bit. It's the same concept with barbara. Awknowledging her mom on twitter is just a ploy to show people she's 'changed'... Show us you've changed jenelle, don't just say nice things!!!!!!!!!!

rockc... rockchickmom

Janelle was a brat and way too young for a baby, her immaturity and selfishness was disgusting. Her mother was an interferring nagging pain in the ass.

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