Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray Share the Naked Truth About Their Romance (PHOTO)

andi dorfman josh murray hometownsIn typical reality show fashion, breakup rumors about Bachelorette Andi Dorfman and her new fiance Josh Murray started flying about the newly minted couple before Chris Harrison could even say goodnight from the set of After the Final Rose! And almost exactly one week after "coming out," Andi and Josh appear to have no problem whatsoever flaunting the truth about their relationship.

Andi took to Instagram yesterday to share what her typical Sunday morning really looks like. Check it out.

Andi captioned the pic: "Sunday morning sandwich." Awww! The happy couple has clearly already made a habit of co-sleeping with Josh's "other woman," aka Sabel. Sweet. No, really!

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Already, tongues are wagging that Andi and Josh are trying too hard, seem too happy, must not be as "built to last" as they would have us believe, blah blah ... And of course, just like we did with JuanPabs and Nikki Ferrell (although they were a whole different story) and Des and Chris before them, Bachelor Nation has picked apart Andi and Josh's tweets and Instagrams, convinced at least some of them have to be for PR purposes only. ABC-approved professions of lurve!

Well, call me crazy, but I'm buying it. These two crazy kids really do seem head over heels for one another, and that seems to be -- like it or not -- the only reason they're sharing pics like this. They're thrilled to be "out." And they also seem to have set up a cozy domestic life together (although they don't actually have their own place yet, but that's TBD).

'Course haters are going to be ready to throw in the towel 'til Josh puts the other ring on it. So we'll have to stay tuned. But my bet's on these two headed for a big fat "mazel tov!" come spring.

Are you buying Andi and Josh's public declarations of love and domestic bliss?

Image via ABC

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Ann Morris

They aren't faking anything!! They r so in love and crazy for each other which is awesome!!!

nonmember avatar Rafael F

Absolutely not buying it. Imagine being blindsided by the woman you wanted to make your find out that days prior to your proposal, she slept with another man after she said she was in love with you since day 1. When was she going to tell Josh? He indicated a relationship had to be built on trust. Well, this house is crumbling.

Nancy Smith OSick

it's new riht now so of course    yes if it last  that's great i hope it does

Roberta Howard

Who cares.... She was mean to Eric and cold to Chris the farmer.. Glad they escaped her rath..

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