Khloe Kardashian's Latest Selfie Shows Just How Thin She Really Is (PHOTO)

Khloe Kardashian

Anddddd the story of the incredible shrinking woman continues. Um, I know her major weight loss over the past few months is nothing new, but just wait until you get a load of how tiny Khloe Kardashian looks in a new selfie she posted before heading to the gym.

You guys? If you compare pics of her a year or so ago with this new photo, I swear she looks like a totally different person. Maintaining the motivation to get off the couch and go work out can't always be easy, especially given how much stress Khloe has in her life right now.

(Although, exercise can help with that too ...)


Ok, I'll cut to the chase. Check out the pic and see for yourself just how smokin' hot Khloe is.

Damn. I mean, has her face ever looked more defined? When a person loses weight, that's the one place on the body where it's the most obvious right off the bat. Khloe's face is WAY thinner than it was before she started her fitness journey.

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I know she's wearing all-black in this shot, which makes anyone appear smaller, and the black and white thing isn't hurting her appearance either. But still -- there comes a point where you can't fake skinny. You just can't. (But skinny in a good, healthy way.)

Keep it up Khloe. You truly look amazing, and you're such an inspiration to the rest of us to get up off our lazy butts and break a sweat.

Are you impressed with Khloe's transformation?


Image via Blayze/Splash News

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