Kourtney Kardashian's Third Pregnancy Is Clearly No Walk in the Park (PHOTO)

kourtney kardashianBeing that she's about to have her third child, Kourtney Kardashian seems to be cool with being pregnant. We all heard the reports that she had a bit of a rougher time with Penelope than Mason (second kids!), but for all intents and purposes, pregnancy appears to suit Kourt. However, that doesn't mean the eldest Kardashian isn't experiencing her share of mood swings and oh my god I want to kill everyone moments. In fact, her most recent Instagram post says just that.

Hang in there, Kourtney! Only a few more months to go!


On Sunday, Kourtney posted this cute photo of herself, along with the caption, "How I feel about people lately."

It looks to me like Kourtney is trying to convey "I'm frustrated/I wouldn't mind strangling a few people right now" in this shot -- which are both classic (and lovely) pregnancy symptoms. Wonder who she's talking about? Wonder if she's talking about anyone specific or just the masses in general?

If this is as bad as it gets for Kourt -- having a moment of exasperation/irritation -- looks like this is going to be another great pregnancy for the reality star. No woman goes through their entire pregnancy without wanting to wring someone's neck just once. Let's just hope we don't see another post like this from Kourtney in the not-so-distant future. Feeling super annoyed for nine long months sounds no bueno. 

What do you think Kourtney is having: Boy or girl? (I say girl!)


Images via Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

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