'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Premiere Recap: Dorothy Wang's Friends Totally Have Her Back

dorothy wang rich kids of beverly hills

You guuuuys! They're back! Who? Why, the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, naturally! I had no idea how much I pined for the intelligent (and thereby all the more malignant) brand of conspicuous consumerism of Dorothy Wang, Morgan Stewart, and their entire gang. Apparently the answer is "a lot, girl, you pined a lot," because I am now twirling in my boudoir singing the theme from Fame! It's pretty #epic #inexplicable #verysilenceofthelambsminusthedicktucking.

This week, to kick the season off in high fashion, Dorothy invited the entire crew to China to witness the opening of a major shopping center helmed by her father. Everyone was on board ... except for Cooper, Dorothy's BF. He bailed the day BEFORE the flight. Dorothy's well-meaning friends decided it was time to put her wise about her errant fella as they feasted on Chinese delicacies in Nanjing. It should come as a surprise to no one that Dorothy left the table in tears #richpeopleproblems #Iwonthavewhatsheshaving. 


While it totally sucks to make a friend cry, Dorothy's friends were right on the money. They haven't thought much of how Cooper's been treating Dottie for a while now -- and this just sealed the deal. Morgan was so the opposite of afraid of letting her friend know that she deserves better. That's what really made Wang cry, I think. She knows her friends are right, but isn't ready to face what that means for her relationship yet.

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Ugh, it was tough to watch. I mean, sometimes the show is -- mainly because as a person who frequently wakes up frantically concerned I won't be able to pay my rent, it's tough to watch people go yachting professionally. But this was a different kind of tough. Rip these 'kids' (if they are kids, I am too and I am 31) apart for a myriad of reasons should you feel so moved -- but never say that they don't have each other's backs. In the world of reality television, that's saying something #Ispeaktruths #ohmygodIcantstophashtaggingyall.

Do you think there's ever a time where it's okay to butt into someone else's relationship?


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