Beyonce Opens Up About Elevator Incident In New Song

beyonceWhen Solange and Jay Z had that little incident in the elevator a couple of months ago, we all drew our own conclusions and were a bit shocked that our very own version of America's royalty were going through something that seemed so scandalous. This is Queen Beyonce we're talking about. She seems to be a goddess of perfect. Solange has spoken out about it in this month's Lucky magazine saying that everything is all good and they have worked it all out. She made it all seem like it was not a big deal, right? Good on her. I think many of us can relate to have some family issues sometimes that we'd rather not discuss. But now Beyonce is singing about it.

I almost cannot believe it. In a new song with Nicki Minaj, Beyonce references the now infamous elevator attack.

If you recall, Bey kept out of the brawl in the elevator. The woman was able to keep her calm -- amazingly. But I love how she belts it out in song. Just like how we think she's super sweet and innocent and then a song like Drunk In Love comes out and we think Oh My Goodness, BEYONCE is naughty sometimes!!

This latest number is a remix of her song Flawless. Beyonce's new lyrics include:

Of course sometimes s--- goes down when there's a billion dollars on an elevator.

Mommy taught me good home training, my daddy taught me how to love my haters, my sister told me I should speak my mind, my man made me feel so g------ fine.

What could it mean?! What could it mean?! The billion dollars she's referring to is that they all have money, right? Is this an ego thing? More money, more problems?! And then she credits her great upbringing and good people around her for making it all a-okay. Clearly, her sister speaks her mind. And good for her!

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She leaves us hanging a bit with her man making her feel fine reference. I guess she means he treats her right, so no need for anyone to worry. Divorce? I don't think so.

What do you think of Beyonce's lyrics referencing the incident?


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TheSi... TheSilence

Americas royalty? Really?

justj123 justj123

AGAIN??? Who the hell cares about this crap?? Quit dragging a dead horse to DEATH..... PLEASE!!!!

nonmember avatar Jess

She also uses "ni#*&s" in the "song"; tries to come across as classy, yet when she "sings" or speaks, it is evident just how low she is on the class scale. Her mom and dad sure did not teach her well as she states in her song. I am so sick and tired of the double standards her, kanys, oprah, and the rest of them want to have, if they want to use the n word so much, how in the world can they get mad for other people (of course by other people I mean whites) to not use that word? The fact that they say as long as there is an a on the end of it makes it ok, only for blacks to use though, is a total load of crap. Beyonce, kanye, jay z, and all of the kardashians prove the old adage that money can not buy class.

nonmember avatar Renee

Jess, you sound like you really want to use the N word. Let me just say I am black and don't care if you use the word. You have my permission.

nonmember avatar GUEST #1

Who cares Beyonce and JZ are nuthin but a bunch of hyped up, barely talented, pretty much un-musically skilled hacks. Give us a break music industry and start promoting people with real talent like you used to

nonmember avatar sb

Renee is my hero! That seriously made my day.

nonmember avatar Journey

Jess im Black, and you made a GREAT Point...and WHO IN THE HECC CARES ABOUT BEYONCE, SO SICK of this LIL STANKY GAL"

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