Kim Kardashian Posts Questionable Selfie With Kanye West Sleeping Next to Her (PHOTO)

kim kardashianIt wouldn't be a day if there wasn't some sort of Kim Kardashian selfie. I'll admit, I love seeing what she's up to and exactly what she is next to when she snaps these shots. We should play a Where In the World Is Kim Kardashian game just by what shows up in her Instagram feed.

If you were wondering where in the world is Kim K., she's next to Kanye, of course. But she's not just next to him. She's snapping selfies of herself all gussied up while Kanye is seen sleeping next to her in the hotel bed. She captioned the photo "side chicks be like ...." and I think I know what she means by that. It's almost TMI.

I've read other theories about this "side chick" thing, but this is what I'm thinking it means. Since side chick means chick on the side we know that cannot really mean Kim because she and Kanye are Kimye and married. For a hot second I thought she was making a funny and saying that since she is technically on the side of the camera's frame that she was literally a side chick, chick on the side of the picture. But I doubt that's it. Nope. This is some sort of twisted sex game she and Kanye just played. Okay, it's neither sick nor twisted in my eyes, but maybe just maybe they had some role play minutes before and pretended they were strangers who met in a hotel lobby. She was his side chick for the hour. And now the satisfied stranger is fast asleep.

Fun thought. Though not sure how Kim kept her makeup on to the perfection seen in this photo. (I love her makeup free by the way!) The other theory is simply that Kim is funny, she has a sense of humor, and made a joke how because she's all done up in her gown and all that sitting next to Kanye in bed that she appears to be some side chick to (ahem) come and go.

No matter what, forget the selfie ... love seeing Kanye snooze.

What do you think she meant by "side chicks"?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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Emma Graham

She is alluding to the fact that "side chicks" often snap pics of their conquest while they are sleeping as proof, insurance or blackmail material. Remember the chick who took the pic of Justin Bieber while he was asleep?

nonmember avatar Mommy0320

What Emma said, there are several different Mimi photos which I come across often on Instagram. (One of them is along the lines of a man slouched so far down in his seat that it looks comical and has a caption similar to "when I'm in public with my side chick") so she pretty much made a Mimi.


Why do she look so old in this photo?

nonmember avatar Sara

HAHA duh it is not a sex game, it it what Emma said. Wow.

nonmember avatar Michelle

A side chick is a girl whose seeing a guy who is taken. The men obviously don't want their partner to find out about this side chick so they agree to meet with them at night and tell them not to take pictures with them for the sake of their partner finding out. Kim is taking a picture because side chicks often do to try and feel as if they're in a relationship when in fact they are not

amazz... amazzonia

who the F**K cares?!

nonmember avatar Nikki

This is so stupid.

MileyWHO MileyWHO

That is the face of a woman who doesn't see herself any more.   She has lost all touch of who she is and what she looks like.

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