Jennifer Garner Totally Looks Pregnant in Latest Photo

The thing about celebrities -- and I swear it only seems to be true for them -- is that the moment pregnancy rumors hit the papers, a zillion photos of them are suddenly released and their tummies somehow go from looking totally flat in one pic to totally bump-y in the next.

So is the case of Jennifer Garner, whom we have heard is so eager to please hubby Ben Affleck that she has fulfilled his wish to create a family of FOUR and is pregnant again.

Jen, 42, is mom to Violet, 8, Seraphina, 5, and Samuel, 2. Even though we've been hearing about their supposed marriage problems pretty much since they got married in 2005, Jen recently admitted that Ben really wants another baby. Some are saying the actress and her Batman V Superman partner are doing that thing everyone knows they shouldn't do: having another baby to save their marriage.

Who knows if this is actually true or whether Jen is even preggers. Despite how we've heard that Ben likes his share of other women, there's clearly a reason why these two have managed to stick it out for almost 10 years. I'm guessing he knows he's got a really good thing and isn't about to go and destroy it.

As for whether Jen is actually pregnant, check out this photo and you will notice that she, indeed, looks like she has a bump. A teeny, tiny, itty bitty one but a bump, nevertheless.

But let's not jump to conclusions. See the photo in this post of Jen wearing a plaid shirt and what look like size 0 jeans? That was taken just a few days ago and, though it's not a profile shot, there is NO BUMP in sight.

So, the jury's still out on whether Jen and Ben have a little bun in the oven. If they do, let's hope Jen is going for #4 for all the right reasons.

Do you think Jennifer Garner is pregnant?


Image via Getty Images

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Amber... AmberRae2110

Yes, that's totally something every woman wants to hear about themselves. No, she doesnt look pregnant but even if she was, there's no reason for you or anyone to comment on her appearance.

nonmember avatar Stacie

You have to click on the linked pic, you can tell she is definitely pregnant. She looks adorable. :)

Corbi... CorbinsMumma

I did click the link but I honest to god look 6 months pregnant when I bloat up after eating lol. But yeah she always looks adorable

nonmember avatar Dadoo

Just because the media wants them to have marital problems doesn't mean the problems actually exist. Did it ever occur to people that she may want another child too? This article is based totally on speculation and the assumption Jennifer is horribly insecure and completely dominated by Ben, which I doubt is the case. Nothing like adding fuel to the paparazzi propaganda.

candi... candiebaldwin

I would love each to see what yall are talking about but apparently there is either something wrong with my eyes or there's something wrong with yall.... and I have perfect 20/20 vision sooooooo

linzemae linzemae

When I saw a pic on people the other day I thought she looked pregnant.

heath... heather_H83

I don't really care.

If she is congrats!!

If not, who cares?!

Get your own life people!

DWils... DWilson1973

A family of four is when there is 4 people. Since they already have 3 kids, 1 more kid would make them a family of 6

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