Kendall Jenner Just Can't Stay Away from Justin Bieber (PHOTO)


Kendall Jenner Justin BieberThere are at least two people who were unwelcome at a star-studded bash in Ibiza (besides myself, though I'm sure I could have snuck in somehow), and that is Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez. Givenchy fashion designer Riccard Tisci had his birthday party in Ibiza (where every star in existence seems to be right now) and none other than Justin Bieber, troublemaker extraordinaire, posted a pic to Instagram of him getting cozy with Kendall Jenner at the shindig.

It wasn't that long ago that Selena reportedly "broke up" with Kendall and Kylie over their close friendship with Justin -- so this photo probably won't make her too happy. Not to mention that other photo -- of him kissing a Playboy model named Alyssa Arce on a yacht. Ah, what a depressing life young Bieber leads.

Reportedly, Justin "banned" fist-flying Orlando from the party after the Pirates of the Caribbean star threw a punch at him the other night, but given that O is was just seen making out with Nina Dobrev at Comic-Con, I don't think he cares. Besides, how would Bieber ban anyone from a party that wasn't his?

This is the same designer that Kim Kardashian feted by posting a nude pic of herself during a wedding gown fitting. And most of the KDashes seem to have been at the party too, including Kim and Kris Jenner. Even Kris got in on the Bieber action, posting a pic of herself and the annoying pop star.

But it's really the pic of Kendall puckering her lips at Justin that makes you go "Hmm." Hopefully those two are just pals and nothing more, but Bieber does seem to like tall brunettes (cough Miranda Kerr cough).

Do you think Kendall and Justin are dating or just pals?


Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram and KendallJenner/Instagram



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nonmember avatar Mike

Her mother has trained her to go for the money. She's been a golddigger in training for 18 years. Now the training can pay off, literally.

nonmember avatar Foster

They aren't dating,they are having sex. That's what "dating" is these days,or as the kids call it "hanging out"

Momm2... Momm2threeboyz

She's throwing it at him and it's gross!

nonmember avatar nick

They are friends why? because Kendall and Kylie are best friends with Jaden Smith and Jaden knows Justin. So in the picture they are having fun at the party and her family is there so it's obvious you didn't do anything s***** or anything. I mean she probably knows better not to get mixed up with Justin Bieber and his drama. and her dad would have been pissed if he had seen that in Kendall and she wouldn't want that to happen.

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