Kim Kardashian Posts Topless Pic In Honor of Friend's Birthday (PHOTO)


Kim KardashianThere is nothing like Kim Kardashian wishing you a happy birthday. She's the girl who shows up at the party bearing a fabulous gift -- for herself. That's pretty much what it feels like when Kim sends birthday greetings via Instagram. She somehow always manages to make the photo not at ALL about the person having the birthday -- but about her, or some body part of hers. This time, Kim went ALL out in wishing Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci a happy birthday ... by posting a pic of herself in her birthday suit.

The photo shows Kim and -- oh, who cares who else? It's about Kim! And her naked boobs and butt! The photo is apparently of Kim during her wedding gown fitting -- and she's wearing nothing but her veil. Check it out:

Kim Kardashian

Kim looks great, but we all know by now that the photo has likely been PhotoShopped within an inch of its life.

This reminds me of the time Kim wished brother Rob a happy b-day on Insta by posting a photo of herself that was sure to draw all eyes away from Rob and onto her most famous asset.

Fans seemed hip to her diabolical ploy, writing things like:

-This picture has absolutely nothing to do with Ricacardo tisci or the fact that it's his birthday and everything to do with you wanting to let people see naked pictures of your butt

- You could have picked a better pic to post for a happy bday shout out. #selfcentered

Erm, yeah, maybe just a tad.

Do you think this is an appropriate birthday photo?


Image via KimKardashian/Instagram



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Lee Janda

Taking millions of selfies for her HUSBAND in Thailand, but letting the whole world see them?! Wishing Ricardo Tisci a happy birthday and showing her naked self to all the world?! Kim is all about Kim - bottom line. She has NOTHING but a body to make herself relevant, although for the life of me I don't know why!?!?!

nonmember avatar trashthedashian

A married woman sending a naked pic of herself to another man? Only a Kardashian! Curse the people who found this family and put them in the media!

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