Jenelle Evans' Recent Behavior Just Might Be Her Most Shocking Yet


Jenelle Evans

Good grief! We all kind of figured that having a baby would turn her life totally upside down, but from the looks of it, Jenelle Evans has settled right into parenting a newborn like nobody's business.

I mean, baby Kaiser is only a month old, and she hasn't slowed down for one second, to the point where we're wondering if she's living in some sort of fairy tale land, or something.

Check out one of her most recent tweets, because you seriously aren't going to believe what she's been up to.

OMG. How in the hell does she have the time or energy to do all of that? Most new moms give themselves a huge pat on the back for completing just one of those chores. But Jenelle seems to be on somewhat of a cleaning rampage, and she also appears to be kinda happy about it!

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For the longest time, I've been saying that her haters need to cut her a little slack because she's truly doing her best to turn her life around. And if her crazy cleaning spree doesn't prove that she's back on the right track? Nothing will.

Oh come on, didn't you expect her to bitch and moan about the whole baby thing and how she has no free time versus embracing every minute of her hectic day?

It's obvious that Jenelle is determined to prove to the world that she's just as responsible as the next mom, and so far she's more than succeeding.

Have you been surprised by how together Jenelle seems?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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mona165 mona165

Stupid. I just stopped doing that for the two days I was in the hospital, then once I got home I wet straight to cleaning, cooking, everything. So yes basically what all moms do.

nonmember avatar Kat

Wow! Its amazing what she can do when Barbara isn't screaming in her face and snatching the baby away from her!

I know she's had horrible issues with drugs and her temper, but I think so much of that stemmed from Barbara's treatment of her. And when she took Jace away, she just checked out. I KNEW she'd be a good mom if given the chance. Keep up the awesome work Jenelle!

And to all you other moms who work hard for your kids- you're amazing! <3

nonmember avatar lxs she's doing things MILLION of moms and dads do everyday. Why us it so hard to believe. And I don't understand why she is the subject of a lot of your posts.

nonmember avatar Kayla

I'm 26 a single mother of 3 have a full time job and going to school and do all of them things more then once a day and all my babies are under 8 Ya she is not the only super mom in the world ..... So I want to give a hell Ya keep going to the mom's that do this every day

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