Khloe Kardashian & French Montana Are Hiding a Shocking Secret​

Khloe Kardashian French Montana

Hmm. If there are still any lingering questions as to what French Montana's true intentions with her are, a rap track referencing Khloe Kardashian pretty much sum up the status of their relationship.

Well, at least the words in the tune seem to be about Khloe. The track actually belongs to G-Eazy, who is presumably mentioning Khloe, since French is also featured in the song. (Er, I mean rap. Whatever.)

The lines go a little something like this:


Your bitch is cool, mine is badder.

You haters gossip and chatter.

All my team were eating as if we hunt and we gather.

Your girl tweeted that I was her favorite rapper, I'm flattered.

"Your bitch is cool ...," huh?

Ok. So we'll give him that one, because Khloe is pretty much the definition of cool. But doesn't it seem like he's kind of insinuating that Khloe isn't all that serious about French, what with the whole bit about her thinking G-Eazy is a better rapper than French? (That's pretty safe to assume if he's her favorite.)

And even though French is heard on the track rapping something about, "On E! like Chelsea Lately," which can be taken as a shout out to Khloe, it's not like he's professing his undying love for her or anything.

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As much as we want to see her happy and in a fulfilling relationship, it's starting to sound almost as if whatever she has with French is more of a "friends with benefits" type situation -- especially if the multiple rumors about him cheating on her are true.

And if that's the case, one of two things is probably going on. Either Khloe simply doesn't want to get too serious with anyone until she's officially divorced from Lamar Odom (if it ever happens), or she is too scared to let another man fully have her heart again after having her marriage crumble.

Both scenarios make a whole lot of sense, so it's impossible to know for sure what is really going on with Khloe. But as long as she's happy with French, who cares? It's about time the poor girl had a little fun. (Especially between the sheets.)

Do you think Khloe and French have a casual relationship?


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