'Into the Woods' Trailer Features a Creepy Meryl Streep as the Witch (VIDEO)

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The first trailer for Disney's Into the Woods has just been released! Finally, fans can get a pretty solid look at the film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's hit musical. Wayyyy back in the day (okay, 1991), I caught the American Playhouse version on television, starring Bernadette Peters as the witch, Chip Zien as the baker, and Joanna Gleason as the baker's wife. In this updated, far more stylistic and special effects-laden version, Johnny Depp is playing the wolf, Meryl Streep is playing the witch, Anna Kendrick is playing Cinderella, Chris Pine is playing her prince, Emily Blunt is playing the baker's wife ... crikey, there are just way too many famous people in this film.

Well, if anything, you've most likely heard "Children Will Listen" sung at some kid's graduation.

The original Sondheim musical is hilarious, dark, with completely unexpected plot twists on classic fairy tales. Needless to say, if any musical needed a film update, this one makes perfect sense.

Check it out:

Looks ... kind of cool, right? This won't be your close-up after close-up musical a la Les Miserables. Into the Woods features magic, giants, a huge beanstalk, a cow -- it could be just enough of a "spectacle" to work on film. Of course, nothing beats the experience of seeing a show like this live and in person, but if this movie is able to introduce a whole new generation to this quirky musical, more power to it!

All of these fairy tale characters are brought together by a baker and his wife who wish for a child -- but then have a curse placed upon them by the witch. And obviously the woods themselves play a huge part in the musical as well. The movie premieres on December 25, 2014. Such a long way to wait! Might as well whip out your incredibly dusty CD of the soundtrack (what, just me?) and listen to it over and over again in the meantime! If only we could see Johnny Depp in full costume next ...

And let's hope in the next trailer, someone actually sings ...

What do you think of the first look at Into the Woods?


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wdenise wdenise

You forgot James Corden as the Baker! He's a Tony award winner. And what about Christine Baranski as the Stepmother? Meryl has BIG shoes to fill. Bernadette Peters will be a tough performance to beat.

Liane... Lianetherider

I was Jack's Mother in ItW in April! What a great musical. I'm excited to go and see it. Bernadette Peters was an amazing witch, but Meryl will bring her own style to it, I'm sure.

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