Kate Middleton & Prince William's Long Holiday Means They're Hiding Something

Kate Middleton Prince Wiliam

Even the royals deserve a little time off once in a while. So we shouldn't be the least bit surprised that Kate Middleton and Prince William are taking a month off to enjoy somewhat of an extended vacation with little Prince George.

Ok, so maybe vacation isn't the right term, as this break is more like a hiatus. They'll supposedly be chilling out in Scotland, not somewhere tropical and/or exotic.


They'll reportedly first visit their Highland home, where they'll spend some quality time with Prince Charles and Camilla. And then they'll pop on over to Balmoral to see Wills' dear old granny, so apparently they'll be surrounded by family members for a good bit of their holiday.

Huh. Interesting. You see where I'm going with this, right?

Exactly. With plenty of extra hands on deck to help out with Prince George, Wills and Kate will likely be able to indulge in a bit of alone time so they can get down to baby making already.

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Oh come on, pregnancy rumors have surrounded Kate for months now, and there was also speculation that she and Prince William would try for a second child sometime this summer. What better time to get down to business than a month-long vacay? This trip is a total cover-up for them trying to conceive, don't you think?

To say the two of them have been busy over the past few months is a major understatement. I'm sure they're going to welcome a little time together to rest, relax, and ... you know.

We probably shouldn't go getting our hopes up just yet. But if Kate turns up sporting a tiny baby bump sometime around November, it'll be hard to resist saying, "I told ya so!"

Do you think Kate will get pregnant this summer?


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