Andi Dorfman & Josh Murray Might Not Be As Happy As They're Letting On

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Andi Dorfman Josh Murray

They've only been publicly engaged for a few days, but already there's a rumor that Andi Dorfman finds Josh Murray controlling, which could ultimately lead to them splitting up much sooner than anyone expected.

Sure, they've done a bang up job so far of acting like a couple of teenagers who are hopelessly in love. But according to a new report in Life & Style, Josh has another side to him that we didn't have the pleasure of seeing on television.

A source claims:

Josh can be controlling and jealous. He's very insecure about the relationship, and even more so after watching everything unfold on TV and seeing Andi tell other guys she's in love with them.

She's a fiercely independent person and loves going out with her friends. At first, she thought his jealousy was cute, but now that they're not hiding their relationship, he's jealous all the time and I'm not sure how cute she's finding it.

Huh. We can't be sure if what this person says is true, but it would make sense, especially given the fact that Andi slept with Nick Viall in the fantasy suite -- something Josh may or may not have been aware of prior to the "After the Final Rose" special.

I mean, can't you see why that realization would make Josh a little bit jealous any time Andi happens to be around other dudes? And can't you also understand why it might make him want to keep close tabs on her?

But given how lovey-dovey they were after first being announced as a couple, it also makes sense for Josh and Andi to put up a good front for the sake of extending their 15 minutes of fame as far as they possibly can.

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It certainly won't bode well for either of their reputations if they break up so soon after getting engaged. My guess is they'll keep smiling for the cameras for at least another few months or so.

For whatever reason, I'm just not buying what these two are selling. They just seem too in love or something -- to the point where it seems like they're trying way too hard to convince us they're going to live happily ever after.

(They're SO not.)

Does Josh strike you as the controlling type?


Image via andi_dorfman/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Edda

There is no value in this article. Nothing insightful, just gossipy speculation. Dumb.

Fondue Fondue

Ummm, new here? This isn't some hard-hitting news website with journalistic integrity, this is The Stir.

Terri Fritz

i hope they learn how to ignore these types of articles!!!!  You can tell they are very happy!!!!!!!!!!


Melinda Leishear-Browning

Wow! Can't even imitate the dogs face without people saying there's trouble. Leave these 2 alone for awhile.

Theresa Heverly

I don't recall her telling any of the other guys that she is in love with them. I'm sure she was VERY clear on this. 

Brenda Paquette

yeah i sick of the B S  LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!









Tessa Pearl

I wish people would just let them be happy. After every season everyone else says "They are only acting like they are happy to get their 15 minutes of fame" well they've already had that when they were on the show. God Bless them and their relationship.

nonmember avatar Kalalu

She didn't tell any one she loved them. Did you watch the show?

Karen Cullen

hmmmmm karama! who knew?!

nonmember avatar Ati

She irritates me so much. She was clearly psycho on the bachelor so repulsed with her couldn't get through watching mure then 3 episodes! All I know is I can't figure out how a hot guy like that ever found her attractive in any way possible . She shears frowns soooo annoying lol

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